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My name is Brandon McGrady aka BJ, aka Sonic, aka Dirge. Just wanted 2 give a shoutout 2 all da realest and awesome people from here 4 all forever!! You're all radical & always showing integrity.

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May 1 2010 9:27PM
Brandon McGrady aka $D.I.R.G.E.$
Just tryin' to survive dis world of good vs. bad!!! As the years go by, as a career, i want to be a professional MMA fighter! Only reason im saying dis is to just for everyone who sees my profile (working on it), as someone who wants to be only themselves. PEACE!!! If u want 2 know more about me, im also in da band-CCHS-just so u know, i do play snare!! I also do track( hurdles, 4-by-1, 1600m, high jump, 100m, diskus, and dats all 4 now). Im also a wrestler-6'0 & weighing in at 135 lbs. with a ripped upper body( including a 8-pack-I don't have 2 lie cause i always keep it 100% and im all but da truth!!!) Well, I am skinny, but my arms are kinda big for my size & a lot of my friends ask me how i look like dis and i say, "Dumbells and Push-ups"!


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