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w. Julius|MyWife|<3, United States
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Ello loves(: "T-T-T- Tickin' like a timebomb baby."<3 Jake loves you.

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Jul 20 2010 1:47PM
Alyssa's & Ella's Wedding .
It would be teriffic if you could come . x3
This Thursday ; At 5p.m . [afternoon) [:
In the ChatRoom. (Avatar] (Garden]
Mmmkay , Message Me or Her for More Info ! < 33

-i will now have two wifes x3 ella and julius <3
Jul 20 2010 1:06AM
"Your dreams will carry you but; you must be willing to fly." <3
Jul 20 2010 12:25AM
Why are you looking at me like that!
This Jake, hacking Alyssa(:
There is so much I can say about this girl, she always fines someway to make me laugh, she's amazing and a really good friend, and you would be so lucky to have her in your life, she's very unique but that's just what makes her who she is and you grow to love it(: trust me. She is funny, sweet, and caring. She likes to look at the sky xD you would be so lucky to have her in your life. So talk to this amazing girl with the name of Alyssa, trust me you wont be sorry. Thank you so much for being in my life, I don't know what I would do without you Hun, never change and dream bug xD all and never forget my mommy is my daddys baby daddy happy baby daddy day(:
Jul 19 2010 1:50PM
"even though i'm not always right, I can count on the sun to shine;
dedication takes a lifetime, but dreams only last for a night." <3
Jul 9 2010 7:29PM
Alyssa Nicole Loverro.
-eighteen yrs of age; Dec 27th.
-i say things w.o thinking constantly(bare w. me)
-creative, and artistic.
-down to earth; weird in a good way.
-the simplest of things make me the happiest person in the world.
-ducktape is freaking amazing.
-i have a big heart; i tend to be sensitive x3
-i love walmart. >:]
-i'm a very optimistic person, i smile almost all the time.
-it takes alot to get me upset; i don't get mad unless you bring it upon yourself.
-writing, singing, and running help my thinking process.
-i'm a D R E A M E R .
-living life the way i want to.
-i get scared very easily. -.-
-i'm very clumsy.
-making the best out of the worst situations; there's no need to cry over something you can fix.
-i live in the moment; tomorrow can worry about itself.
-nature,clouds,the sky,stars i adore it all.
-i can play the guitar,drums,and trumpet. o.O
-i've lost and gained things the majority of my life; i do have trust issues.
-i'm a very nice person, sometimes that tends to be a bad thing.
-my friends mean everything to me; i love them w.all my heart <3
-i'm not perfect, nor will i ever be.
-i'm a text addict.
-i L O V E cartoons; there's nothing wrong w. being a kid.
-i want to see a shooting star before i die.
-my memory isn't what it used to be so i forget alot.
-i love smileyfaces; sourpatchkids; snowcones; hugs; rainbows; neons.
I'm not sure what else to say; so just ask.
I'd love to talk to you. <3
Jun 30 2010 12:43PM
Hehe It's Lady Gaga^^
My new bestie^^
Well I just met her,
But I can already tell we're gonna be good friends(:
She's funny,
And she likes neon jackets o:
So that's a good birthday present for her o:
If any of you hoes hurt her, I'm gonna snap your neck >:]
Mhm, So any of you reading this, Talk to Alyssa!
Or else...


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Jul 26 2010 8:17AM

Ella is amazing
and so is Alyssa
Jul 20 2010 9:10PM

Ahhh , Alyssa Baby ! < 3
I'm so glad were friends too ! [[;
And i feel special , that you have my Comment virginity (:
Haha .(:
Jul 20 2010 10:55AM

You two are crazy,
What exactly are ya'll sharing?
Jul 16 2010 7:38PM

Hii Alyssa -sniffs- :3
i'm a nerd -gets nose medicine and sniffs-
here's's a...-ACHOO- flower:3
-gives you a big white rose- :3
Jul 16 2010 9:05AM

yeah thats right u better love me too xD

banana bunchers O.o
Jul 16 2010 12:44AM

No alyssa You are super splendedo
And thank yew for the comment!
And don't Steal meh word
Well anyway my gremlinn powers will strike any people who hate alyssa down
New bestie
Jul 15 2010 8:41PM

ur going to the carnical without the person who's awesome?meaan
Jul 5 2010 12:37AM

Jul 4 2010 5:44PM

-gives u a chicken-
sme 2 u^-^ :D
Jul 4 2010 3:25PM

Dear my sexy best friend and lover who spanked me
happy fourth of july<3
i almost put birthday O.o
i love you!
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