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Oct 3 2011 5:36PM
Oct 2 2011 8:42PM
gawd it hurts like crazy><
Oct 1 2011 6:27PM
lol in wal mart earlier
okay so i went to wal mart wit mi gurl emily <3 no homo she's mi bff well me and her love dancin so like we were listenin to music and so we start to dance to it haha we being retards then oh oh xD shes scared like haha she dont like heavy metal or rock becuz she says the screamings they do r scary xD so i start listenin to some asking alexandria and so haha i had my hair tied up so i let it go and boom i started rockin mi head like woo xD it was funny ppl were just starin and i was bangin mi head
Oct 1 2011 4:15PM
haha woo
gots me a new bookbag and shoes :D WOO HOO
Oct 1 2011 9:48AM
WOO im matchin like crazy xD haha OKAY ALL BLACK AND MI PIKACHU LIL BOOKBAG :D!!!!!!! WOO HOO
Oct 1 2011 9:45AM
never do this xD
i fell asleep chewing gum >< EHUGHHHH
Oct 1 2011 12:32AM
my favorite word
Oct 1 2011 12:18AM
haha i just uploaded a pic of mi daniel <3 haha he's so cute gawd i love him and woo i like him xD <3
Sep 30 2011 11:59PM
xD hahaha omg
haha im havin fun all alone no not really -.- hearin music in da dark xD and watchin a movie but all alone -.- GRRRRRRRRRRR
Sep 30 2011 9:31PM
hahah cryin of laughter right now xD wooo omg funniest weirdest laugh ever xD


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Oct 2 2011 8:27PM

love u too bud lol
Latino_bum :]
Oct 2 2011 4:40PM

calmate lol im bak ight x3
Latino_bum :]
Oct 2 2011 4:04PM

dude really? when u get off i get on :S we need to figure this out lol
stop gettin bored so easily! xD
Latino_bum :]
Sep 28 2011 5:39PM

haha mines better lol he NEVER gives homework. but he's boring AF :P
Sep 28 2011 7:18AM

Jazzy you better smile :)
I love you! All homo intended ;O
You are a sexy beast xD
and I'm trying to make you smile!
*huggles you*
You are a very nice girl, you make me smile and you always say I'm pretty :D
We are best friends forever!!!! :D
Bye I have to go to school I'll write a longer funny one when I get back
Latino_bum :]
Sep 27 2011 2:55PM

v what said :)....except for the daughter part o.O v
Sep 26 2011 1:13PM

Jazzy I love u!!
Ur the best daughter ever and my very best friend
you're always there when I need you most
And ur just the best
that's why I love u so much
And don't we're forget this...


So no matter what anyone says or does u r beautifuland I love u
Sep 25 2011 1:42AM

Latino_bum :]
Sep 23 2011 9:21PM

jaja me llega, me llega xD
Latino_bum :]
Sep 23 2011 8:37PM

calmate chula. im not a suck up. im just a flirt xD BIG difference x3
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