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Hi Im Samantha![Peirced]bestfriend]x300.[Taken; Sean<33]:(![Grade.8] [3-teen] anything else jusss send me a messgae or comment. Peace Out<890. thats right its not a 3!
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Sep 27 2009 11:45PM
I gave her 4 pages of commets HIGH FIVE MAN! im amazing i know i know. Teehee well good night mostfungamers, Sleep Tight<333!
Sep 27 2009 11:23PM
8 23, bored out of my mind. HMMMMMMMMM. LOL mayeb ill put a **** load of comments on natalies page , Sounds goood:D. Alright sounds liek a plan stan=);
Sep 27 2009 11:21PM
YOOO! Natalie huun you ish a babe<3 :P:P:P:P
Sep 27 2009 11:19PM
If i dotn accept you i prolly dislike you. I dont liek my fans i think there creeepy=). Let me add you! cause i dont liek creepies who add me man. LIEK EWWW who lieks stalkers. NO ONE! and i have a lot....so yeah,


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Stupid Girl
Sep 28 2009 6:23PM

nothin... i guezz..freeezinn
Stupid Girl
Sep 28 2009 6:17PM

There called states hense the unitied STATES of america :P lol.
and ya..
o well i guezz life moves on...
and ya...my day sucked how was urs?
and did u succedd in givin me2000 comments?
Stupid Girl
Sep 28 2009 5:44AM

I DID ONEMORE THEN U BT SAMMM wht wre u takin bout ryan likes me??
he has a gf..
and he won't even talk 2 me...???
Stupid Girl
Sep 28 2009 5:44AM

LOL YAY lol.
good sam lol and i don;t think my commentswhere ever a peace :P lol
but ttyl samm
Stupid Girl
Sep 28 2009 5:43AM

:o whos son r u ****in?!?!? BAD SAM!
Stupid Girl
Sep 28 2009 5:43AM

lol omg tht wasart of a cheer i had 2 do 4 cheerleadin a few yeas backkk
Stupid Girl
Sep 28 2009 5:42AM

I amm replyinnnn 2 all of themmmbut u better answer the one bout ryan cuz now im lostttt
Stupid Girl
Sep 28 2009 5:42AM

Ewwwwww starbursts!!!
Stupid Girl
Sep 28 2009 5:42AM

BERRYZ! i love berryz :P RASBERRYZ! lol.
Stupid Girl
Sep 28 2009 5:41AM

Ryan dosen't like me...he won't even talk 2 me...
whre did u get tht idea?
its a lie...
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