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Shared account. Skyler Straight Kyle. Bisexual Fraternal Twins. 17. Message us.

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Jan 26 2011 7:10PM
I accidently closed me eyes o.o
So me(kyle) and skylar dont get on very much
But when someone is on our account now
It is usually me. So that's who you are talking too
Your talking to Kyle:D
Im the one in our pikk too
Dec 17 2010 2:07PM
Maida and Kyle Partners in Crime
Partners In Crime!
We gonna make all villians go mad.
Cause they'd be hatin' on our serious rhymes.
We be spittin' this track while we committing crimes.
Dec 17 2010 4:49AM
heartless by fake problems
It was funny at first but now it's, getting old the way you seem to reappear, when I start moving on Well I heard you were at some parties, getting high with my friends Hey baby it's kinda funny, you started smoking weed again Nowadays I get up, around 8 or 9 'o clock I've been real productive, I've been writing songs, and I've been singing a lot Now I don't do half the stupid things I did behind your back In fact since you have been away I've had no use for that But I've come dangerously close, to giving it all up You know you weren't the only one I didn't pretend to love Do you remember when you were away at school and I was still living with my mom Do you remember the things we'd say to each other, over the phone. One night you were so drunk that you said you could be with me forever and I thought I was so cool when I said "My dear that'd be my pleasure" Well, towards the end there, we really lost our steam Felt such disconnect from everything, my sleep, I wouldn't dream cause I feel the passion I didn't believe in before and I'm so glad I do still believe in you You know you weren't the only one I didn't pretend to love you always have nothing to say but it's such a beautiful, blank face I'd say keep in touch, but I'm sure you won't make that mistake
Nov 25 2010 8:00PM
Message me
Im kyle :D
Nov 22 2010 5:24PM
to people who have messaged this account
and have not heard back this is kyle
skyler isnt on so he can not answer his messages
Nov 21 2010 2:35AM
g'night mfg people.
Nov 21 2010 1:14AM
message us
but say who you would like to talk to
kyle or skyler
Nov 20 2010 9:44PM
RaWr.ima.DiNo (Sammie)
this is my bestfriend
she is totally incredibly amazing
i luv her so much
Nov 20 2010 7:19PM
Well, I'm Skyler. Yes,i'm straight!
I'm not very tall: 5'9. I have no life. (:
i'm not sexual so dont get all cyber on me.
don't be fooled by what you see. I can be really rude.
Mainly because I don't care to meet anyone from here nor fall in love with you.
however, You will fall in love with me by accident. But nothing will become of that.
I'm constantly writing poems or drawing a portrait of a friend.
i'd appreciate feedback on my poetry/art more than comments on my looks.
I also believe in God: dont talk about how idiotic you think religion is.
I'm not here to convert you nor preach to you. But if you would like to conversate upon religion; I won't say no.
I'm very talented, but no talent to help me get a normal job.
i don't take anyone serious (on the interweb) so if you come to insult me: don't waste yours and my time.
don't mistake me into your categories and labels.
the only thing I cut is my own hair.
the reason I wear black is because it makes me look thin. . . hahaha. now you laugh!
you might think I'm hateful, but I'm just brutally honest. I will not soften my words for your comfort.
im always told that i have amazing taste in music: i'm going to flatter myself and say it's true.
Nov 20 2010 7:17PM
Hello everyone and welcome to my page, my name is Kyle Shergold. Basically, all my life consists of is going to college, hanging out with friends, playing games and reading! I like to think of myself as a pretty nice laid back person, I'm very loyal to my friends but very vain which annoys them. I'm extremely Metro sexual, I have just over 75 hair and face products along with my hair straighteners and stuff, don't like it? - Don't care :D I love reading manga and watching anime, it’s a very fond passion of mine I also love playing my guitar and creating my own music. I own an Ibanez GRG-170DX guitar; it’s my pride and joy until I get a better one I tend to be very clingy to my friends, I do annoy them sometimes by being a pain but it's just who I am. I do also tend to fall in love too easily, at the end of the day I just want someone I can get on with and have a laugh with with no bull**** attached. Well that’s about it from me, if you want to know more about me I’ll be more than happy to say, on the other hand I'm sorry if I don’t reply to all comments, I’m usually pretty busy.Oh before I go, here is a small list of my favourite anime/manga: Naruto.Bleach.Vampire Knight.One Piece.Neon Genesis.


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Dec 18 2010 2:11AM

Holy **** kid!
I miss you
like a ****ing fat kid on a diet missing candy
so uhm yea i just thought i ought to leave you this little commmenttt
just to remind you that
i love you
Nov 22 2010 9:32PM

Hayy Kyle.. jus wanted to drop by
and show somee Candy love(: Hehe.
I also wanted to say thank you for helping meh.
you really are a amazingly awsome friend.
I love you.
Nov 22 2010 5:56PM

Hey Mr.Amazing!
Can you Beat my Sisters Comment?
If You Do! Then You Get Sompthing AH Amazing!
Nov 22 2010 5:31PM

Hmm Kyle!
Even I Dont Know You That Well
I Wanna Sayyyy Your Amazingly Awesome!
Plus You Make alot Of Sense. Most People i know Dont.
Well I Dunno What Else To Say Sooo.....
I Love You!
Nov 21 2010 2:14AM

Rooaar! Thanks you You skylerr;;
Lips like morphine is stuckk in mah head, ;3
it's kinda a good thing thoughh. ;p
Cause that song is kickasss.
Remember, i looovvee you!! <33
Clairee out. ;]
Nov 21 2010 2:03AM

Kyle u are ahhh - mazinggg <3
Im glad to have a fbesti like u :)
N our Unicorn is going to bee Juss like u :)
Lmaoo love ya .
Nov 21 2010 1:01AM

IDFC who has the Virginity around here, but oh shhiiit;
i took it,. so Suck on mah Diick. <3
This kiddo here(Skyler) is amazing, ****ing amazing,
and has rad hair. and a nice face. Cute butt, lol jk's. o.o
but yeh. ;p Buh byee!! <333
Nov 20 2010 9:43PM

tahhaah ^_^ i'm still uber confused
but to the one who said malibu...
"let's throw a giant party there! with our magic powers! haha.. and i <3 u 2"
to my other big bro
"well thank you very much for accepting me into your family, i feel super honored!"
i'm always gonna be there for u 2 ILY both!
Nov 20 2010 9:08PM

Yes, I gladly accept!
now you are mine lol
-Sammie <33-
Nov 20 2010 9:03PM

im making you meh best fwend!
>.< thats if yew want to be?
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