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Planet Mars!!xDD, Antarctica
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Hey im back i'm sorry i haven't been on.I don't act my age Because im a Gummy bear and you Cant Hurt me D: and if You do ill tell Lilly xD
Lilly's Room =)

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Dec 24 2008 1:58PM
Mars misson
Om it Was Hard dude I was like Nigguh!! We need Hlp up Here Haha help xDD Then lilly came And I got Happy and tuned to like This Killer and We won and we went Home =DD
Dec 24 2008 1:54PM
I love Her so Much ^.^ she Makes me Happy, Haha. She is funny Cute and Awesome I dont fxckin care what anyone Says abt Her I love you Babe ^.^
Dec 24 2008 1:51PM
Why i maded another Account?
Great question Im bored, I Wanna hang with lilly, Im Lazy to get on other 1, Haha, Umh idk Peace Nigguh!
Dec 24 2008 1:48PM
Hey! b****e's Im Back Lolz!
Im Back Haha i Came to Crash ths **** xDD


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