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Hi, I'm Sk8er Babe2000. I like cookie dough.i hate 1st dates(cause the're weird), & my hobby is gymnastics. ( if u talk 2 me & wanna go out, lets call talking a 1st date!!!) AKA dats me wen i was 5!!!!
Miss (i own dis website)

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Nov 27 2008 4:44PM
my 2nd dream boy
my 2nd dream boy is kool hes cute and i rly like him
Nov 22 2008 8:35PM
Song Of The Sparrow
I am Destiny daughter of Vironica. Motherless, sisterless , i am both,I sing these words 2 u now, because the point of life grows smaller, ever smaller now, ever more distant now. And with this songi pray i maypush back the tides of war & death. So i sing these words that this light, this tiny ray of light and hope may live on. I dare not hope that i may live on too. - destiny the daughter of Vironica
Nov 21 2008 10:52PM
baby gurl ive been watchin u all day (all day) u said u woulda found a better man well im leavin never lookin bak again u said u found a new man babe i was makin u fly and i wanna keep u high talkin bout g5 g5 aooooowo aowo aoawo dont stress dont stress dont stress we can make life da best dont stress dont stress dont stress cause we got it we got it oooo *repeat*
Nov 17 2008 10:02PM
Mak Maniac
she is my best friend & shes sooo kool. she goes 2 my school.... and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHES MY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 15 2008 11:29PM
MFG ROCKS!!!!!!!!
aloha!!!! Im Sk8er Babe2000 my bff's call me Sk8er or Destiny. I hope u looooove my pg!!!!!!!!!
Nov 15 2008 11:26PM
I <3 Da song
I kno its been a while but im glad u came, everything's been like a hurricane Bla, Bla, Bla (skipping 2 chorus) let me break the ice allow me 2 get u right ,baby i can make u feel hot hot, hot, hot!!!!!!! -Sk8er Babe2000
Nov 15 2008 9:54PM
IM SOOO BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Right now it is 10:00pm. & life is soooo boaring right now!!!!!!!!!! So talk 2 me!!!!!!!!
Nov 15 2008 8:24PM
Hi, im realy friendly!!!
Hi, im Sk8er Babe 2000. & im friendly& love nature. I bet we'll be great friends!!! xoxox!!!


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Nov 21 2008 10:45PM

awsome then
Nov 21 2008 10:39PM

can u spend the night
Nov 21 2008 7:31PM

wazup sis
Nov 17 2008 8:21PM

did you really? lol
Nov 16 2008 11:54AM

hey, just showing ur page some luv oxoxoxoxo
Nov 15 2008 6:36PM

i like ur blog! xoxoxoxo

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