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Sara Elizebeth I love you more than anything in the world. She's mine so back off

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May 22 2014 2:38PM
Give it a go
Would you...?
[] Push me into a wall and kiss me?
[] Come To My House To Do Nothing But Chill?
[] Slap Me?
[] Slap me if i asked you to?
[] Kiss Me?
[] Let Me Kiss You?
[] Watch A Movie With Me?
[] Take Me Home For The Night?
[] Take Me With You?
[] Repost This For Me To Answer Your Questions?
[] Let Me Make You Breakfast?
[] Make me breakfast?
[] Stick Up For Me if I Was Being Put Down?
[] Instant Message Me?
[] Greet Me In Public?
[] Hang Out With Me?
[] Bring Me Around Your Friends?
[] Fall in love with me?
[] Like me?
[] Love me?
[] Go out with me?

Do You...
[] Miss Me?
[] Think I'm Cute?
[] Think I'm Hot?
[] Think I'm Ok?
[] Think I'm Ugly?
[] Want To Kiss Me?
[] Want To Cuddle With Me?
[] Want To Date Me?

Am I...
[] Smart?
[] Funny?
[] Cool?
[] Loveable?
[] Adorable?
[] Great To Be With?
[] Attractive?
[] Mean?
[] Ugly?
[] Gorgeous?

Have You Ever...
[] Thought About Hooking Up With Me?
[] Found Yourself Wanting To Kiss Me and do me?
[] Wished I Were There?
[] Had A Crush On Me?
[] Wanted My Number?
[] Had A Dream About me?
[] Been Distracted By Me?

Are You...
[] Happy You Know Me?
[] Thinking About Me?
[] My Friend?
[] In Love With Me?
[] happyer then hell that u have me?
[] sick and tired of reading this because im 2!
Nov 30 2013 2:14PM
To my beautiful girlfriend it's been 4 years that we've been together, and I just wanted to say I love you with all my being!!
Nov 30 2013 1:09PM
I'm back
I'm back mutha ****as
Aug 25 2013 5:26PM
iF YOU'RE BRAVE..copy this and see how people rate you. . 1: Crazy. 2: I'd marry you. 3: Talkative. 4: Sarcastic. 5: lovable. 6: Clubhead. 7: Moody. 8: Dumb. 9: Spoiled. 10: Mouthy. 11: Random. 12: Hot. 13: Funny. 14: Fit. 15: Amazing. 16: Can't live without you. 17: Sexy
Aug 7 2013 2:01PM
I am starting to hate seeing Inbox (0) when I log on. Kinda sucks
Jul 24 2013 10:35AM
Hoping to get another song of mine on YouTube need to do some editing but then I think it's done.
Jul 17 2013 1:30PM
Alright alright alright
So, I started playing Minecraft a lot and I quite enjoy it so I may record every once in awhile
Jul 11 2013 4:13PM
Had a awesome bday, hung out with my bestfriend all day now to go shoot some bow and arrow
Jul 9 2013 5:53AM
Been thinkin'
My birthday is in 2 days and just been sitting here. I'm gonna have to kick it in the ass I have responsibilities I should take care of...
Jun 29 2013 9:54PM
Hahaha I'm being called a humanitarian.


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Feb 10 2017 7:47PM

Jun 2 2016 2:04PM

It's been forever Drew!
Apr 24 2016 9:56PM

hey babe I haven't been on in a long time but that never stopped me from loving you and never will
Jul 14 2015 9:02PM

Hey baby just stopped by to say that I love you<3
Jun 28 2015 10:47PM

i love you baby nothing will ever make me stop loving you i will love you to the day i die <3
Mar 9 2015 9:00PM

So glad your back baby ♥
Feb 28 2015 9:53PM

i miss you baby im waiting for you to come back
Nov 24 2014 12:21PM

hey baby just stopped by to say I love you <3
Oct 5 2014 10:09PM

I'm so glad your back baby I've missed you soooooo much! Love you ‹3
Sep 27 2014 7:27PM

I love you so much
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