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u don't need 2 know, United States
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Hey, my name'z Ryan I like soccer & Manchester utd. I play the guitar and like listenin 2 most kinds of music shadow of the day is my fav song. The most awesome thing of all time though is Sk8boardin!! Im named after Ryan sheckler!

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Sep 15 2008 3:41PM
Well.........i guess im gonna leave........
Sep 14 2008 8:22PM
No ones talkin to me!!
mssge me........habla a mi.......tlk 2 me now.....ahora
Sep 14 2008 8:19PM
Im sick
and it sucks!!!!!!!
Sep 2 2008 2:59PM
Today is my
Sep 1 2008 6:09PM
Tomorrow's My B'day!!!!!!!!!!
Yay tomorrow's my B'day....**** i have 2 go to school!
Aug 30 2008 2:10PM
talk to me
pplz !!!!!!!!!!
Aug 22 2008 2:22PM
Talk 2 me ppl send me a mssge.......or comment!!!!!!!
Aug 21 2008 5:20PM
Read this!
I'm tired of ppl who just think they can take advantage off you when they need but in the end they just forget everything you've done!!!!
Aug 20 2008 1:10PM
After 2 and a half years I finally got my braces off!!!!!!!!!
Aug 19 2008 10:59AM
Talk to me PPL
Im so FREAKIN bored!!!!!!


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Oct 22 2008 9:08PM

nm u
Oct 14 2008 7:49PM

hi im new comment bck please!
~Giggle Girl~
Aug 12 2008 4:32PM

Thats pretty kool have fun! bye
~Giggle Girl~
Aug 12 2008 1:19PM

o thats suckz and nothin really i just woke up lol im sooo tired
~Giggle Girl~
Aug 11 2008 11:59PM

koolz thats must b fun lol
~Giggle Girl~
Aug 11 2008 6:45PM

Nothin really. just thinkin u?
~Giggle Girl~
Aug 10 2008 12:49AM

ok . 1 sec. lol
~Giggle Girl~
Aug 9 2008 11:44PM

No still don't kno wht it is wht is it about?
~Giggle Girl~
Aug 9 2008 6:06PM

never heard of it
~Giggle Girl~
Aug 9 2008 2:02PM

kool wht movie u might go c?
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