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I get paid to play video games, troll, and entertain people! I got Xbox live but my username changes every two weeks. I'm one of the most accepting, laid back people you will meet ever. I can get hyper, but only for a while. I love and tolerate all! :)

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May 10 2013 11:36AM
Good Morning!
Good mooorrning, Equestria! The time is 10:30 and it's a bit rainy by the station but that wont damper our moods! The forecast for today is overcast with scattered showers throughout the day. The roads are a bit slippery so keep your eyes on the road! In other news, Princess Celestia has announced this day is the 2nd anniversary of discord's escape from his stone prison. And I think I speak for everypony when i say "THANK YOU GIRLS!" Have a great day!
May 9 2013 8:43PM
People who say they don't give a f'uck about what people think of them always care. It's a defensive thing to say so that nobody knows they're vounerable. 95% of the time, the people who say that they don't care have insecurity issues and have been hurt emotionaly. If you stop lying to yourself you wont get hurt. If you accept the fact that not everybody will like you, you will be a lot happier.
May 9 2013 10:47AM
Cuz posting song lyrics makes you so brooding and deep...
May 9 2013 9:36AM
Good Morning!
Good morning, everypony! It's a bright, shiny, and beautiful day in Equestria. The Princess rose the sun and the day has begun! Little fillies and colts should get to school fast because it's almost 9 o'clock! For all the colts out there, Mare's Day is on Sunday so make sure to get your special somepony a gift! No last minute stuff! Have a wonderful day!
May 8 2013 9:33AM
Take the amount of time you complain about being bored in hours, add it to your age, and that's how many years earlier you'll die than the rest of the kids your age.
May 8 2013 9:15AM
You're sitting there, feeling sorry for yourself. Feeling like there's no way out. Hope is an object that will never be passed to you. It's gone, and nothing can bring it back... But you're wrong.
You are human. You are the superior species on this planet. Your race has created complex computer systems, harnessed the power of the atom, cured fatal diseases, and even saved people on the brink of death. You are a human. With a capable mind, a capable body, and the will power to choose what you want to do. We are not controlled. You are a human. Fight for your right to be human.
You can't sit there and feel sorry for yourself because you are capable of so much more. You could be the one to have a permanent cure to all cancer, AIDs, Diabetes, and even terminal illnesses. You're mind is capable of new war plans, new computer systems, new bio-mechanics, or even automated limbs.
You are capable of so much more than you let yourself believe. Take control. Be human.
May 7 2013 12:21PM
You say my music sucks? Tell me how you have done anything musical ever. I'm waiting.
May 7 2013 9:45AM
Liberal: If you're so patriotic and want guns why don't you join the military?
Me: Says the guy who voted to cut the military budget my 5 billion dollars.
Liberal: Well that's because of our debt!
Me: We wouldn't have debt if your dumb a'sses would cut welfare and stop doing these bullsh'it programs to get kids "healthier".
Liberal: Those programs are the cornerston...
Me: Let me stop you right there. You are all for giving hand outs, yet you want to take away something that is in the Bill of Rights? You sir, are a communist. Think about it! Forcing us to buy your stupid Obamacare and buying what food you think is good for us.
May 6 2013 6:39PM
People, listen to yourselves. If you kill a pregnant woman, it's double homicide. However if she aborts the baby, that isn't murder? How the hell does that work? Liberals are dumb as hell because last time I checked, it's murder if you stop a beating heart. Do you know what abortion does? Stops a beating heart. It's your fault for having unprotected sex. Stop blaming your problems on the child. There's a thing called adoption.
May 6 2013 2:20PM


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May 3 2013 3:29PM

Hahahaa!!! Thankss!!!! Lol
Apr 28 2013 12:02PM

hey friend. please send me a message when you are able to talk :c. I miss talking to you
Apr 21 2013 2:02AM

Apr 20 2013 2:11PM

hi friend ^.^ you are my best friend! and you can teach me german! haha
Apr 19 2013 9:46PM

Me to.
I like my hair to.
Hehe c: i like your hair too!
Apr 17 2013 4:51PM

Im leaving a random comment on your page >.>
Cause err im boredd.
But this comment SUCKS ****
So you can delete it
So yeah, buh-bye xD
Apr 11 2013 11:17PM

-hugs- Mawhaha
Did you know I love hugs?
BOTDF lover
Apr 11 2013 7:53PM

I'm bored!
So haii!
You're really interesting to talk to. c:
well uhm.. Byeee X3
Apr 10 2013 7:45AM

I own his page and I own him Mawhaha
My BRONY buddie!!!!
Me :)
Jan 20 2013 8:02PM

*rapes page*
heheh :3

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