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smoking one with, Chad
About Me:
too many people think i'm a concept, or i "complete" them, or i'm gonna make them alive. i'm just a fucked up girl looking for my own peace of mind. don't assign me yours. ☯

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Jun 15 2013 4:38PM
life = a big problem
because im a person too
and i have problems too
and even though they might not your problems
theyre still problems
Jun 16 2012 7:09PM
you're my best friend!
We talk err day.
Idk what I'd do w/o u to tell all my problems too.
Ohmygoshhh Alyssa comes home tomorrow!
< 3333333
shayla, you're a hooochie.
But I loves you,
Btw. You're skyping me tonight! (:
Jun 16 2012 6:08PM
I think this fits the situation well. ~
I think that one of the biggest reasons why relationships do not work out in the long run is because at one point, one side (or both) stops trying. Before one claims another person as their significant other, they would do anything to make that person happy. They would chase, they would flirt, they would be charming. They would send daily morning and goodnight texts every time you wake up or go to sleep. They would write corny messages and pick up lines just to make sure that there is a smile upon your face. But once they claim you as theirs, all of those things eventually stop. The 5 page texts slowly turn into 1. The constant calls turn into not calling at all. And the lovely endearments turn into daily arguments. In order for a relationship to work, don’t ever stop chasing. Just because the person you want is now considered “yours”, it does not mean they deserve anything less than the time when you’re trying to win them over.
Jun 15 2012 9:47PM
R.I.P Papa ♥
Tonights one of those nights I wish you could hold me & tell me everything will be okay like you used to.
I love you.
You are missed.
R.I.P. ♥
Apr 27 2012 8:27PM
My gorgeous wife Shayla...
You are the best thing that happened to me.
I have so much fun talking to you about stuff *cough Kitties cough* LMFAO!
And white teddy bears name murphy :) I'm sorry I fell asleep on you tho.
You keep me going like a blood flow.
Apr 9 2012 8:44PM
i lovesss you(:
youre my ffff buddy (;
hahaha just kitten..
but anywys
shayla, i love you.
youre gorgeous and dont let aanyone tell you different
no guy is good enoughh for you.
ill have to approve from now on.
oh well im bouts taa text ya biotchhh.
lovee you.
Feb 29 2012 8:23PM
Hugs & Kisses
When I first met Shayla I thought my heart had stopped beating & I got really nervus. I looked in her eyes and saw everything I was looking for. She is the only one who can make things better when I'm down. You mean the world to me and I'll go to war for you any day. We had our ups and down but we never stopped holding on.
Love Tony
Jan 30 2012 8:41PM
Aye yo girl what yo name is? Can I get yo number?
Alrighhht alrighttt alrighhttt, you gon learn today.
Nigga you aint about that life boo.
Shaylaaaa I love you girlll.
Stay soapy boo<3
Dec 29 2011 1:30PM
Ayeee. :)
So Yeah..There's this girl that I just started taking to.
Her names Shayla. Ya Knoww. she's short..with big boobies.... and lemme tell yah she is the most coolest girl you will probably EVER meet.
Oh And she is BEAUTIFUL.
I'm Soooo glad that I messaged This Girl.
I think I finally have found my long lost twin..even thou she's a year younger than I am.
To be honest.. I'd marry this girl.. and I JUST met her.
I'm very jealous that she has the most beautiful smile thou.
Just do Yourself A Favor And Message SHAYLA Shes Ahmazing you won't regret it.
Love yah CongrajulaShayla<3
---Love Always... Brett :)
Feb 20 2011 8:17PM
Little Miss SKG!♥
Heyy you.
It's me.
KDC. I love you, just saying.
You should call me, soon.
Oh btw, your a gentlemen.
My hats better than yours.
We should have hot sex, baha.
Leggo., To the moon.
Hmm... your boobs are amazing.
& i bet you'd look hot on top of mt. everest.
This doesn't make any since.js,
Your smiles gorgeous, juss like you.
Kylees weird.
Your both shrimps.
Im bored,
Bye, iloveyou.
- Mr. KaelinDiaz.


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May 12 2013 3:38PM

Shayla sexxxxxy.<3 o;
Jun 16 2012 3:33PM

Jun 16 2012 11:07AM

I love youu toooo hoochieeee (;
Jun 16 2012 12:34AM

May 8 2012 5:17PM

Hey babe, stopping by to say I love you!!! Forever & ever
Apr 3 2012 11:35PM

Apr 3 2012 11:24PM

I knoow that, hoebag<3
Apr 3 2012 9:52PM

Lol why wasnt i informed? I want in on that shiit(;
Apr 3 2012 3:14PM

Better start working the corner(;
Apr 3 2012 3:01PM

(: im down(:
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