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Mar 14 2010 6:50PM
new profile!
Mar 10 2010 6:24PM
Sticks and stones are hard on bones.
Aimed with angry art, words can sting like anything.
But silence breaks the heart.
Mar 5 2010 5:26PM
My heart just stopped, I could die any moment.
My throat is in my chest, and I can't talk.
My knees gave out, and I'm falling.
I'm falling so hard.
I'll soon hit the floor, and nobody will be there to catch me.
I'll scrap my knees, and there will be scars.
All down my arms, in a repeating pattern.
Because, I'm hurting, and nobody can help.
I saw the things I wish would be turned around.
The words I wish would never be there.
But, they are.
& now I know that I can't stop them.
I can't stop youu..
Feb 6 2010 8:01PM
She's finding her way home.
A little girl who's growing up so fast, one that doesn't want to live through her past.
One that breaks down and cries too hard. One who's been hurt too much,
but she won't dare to throw a punch. She adores her mother, she believes there is no other.
A little girl who believes this boy is perfect, but he's honestly not worth it.
She's had her heart broke, but she'll scream out until her throat croaks.
A boy hurt her one too many times, and forgets her like a dime.
She's come to her senses though, now she realizes he's so low.
This girl can live without you, she can find a new boo.
She now looks down to him, instead of up.
He had such a impact on her life, even if he made her want to go get a knife.
She'll always remember him, she loved him.
But, She's letting go, & she doesn't need him to catch her this time.
So, she let's a tear struggle out of her eye as she says her last goodbye.


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Mar 16 2010 2:09PM

<3 i love you more, baby.
i miss how we never talk too :'/
awww, now that made me laugh & smile <333
Mar 14 2010 6:39PM

Mar 11 2010 6:06PM

and tell me, love (:
Mar 9 2010 4:33PM

i love you more, bestfriend [:
Mar 6 2010 5:01PM

lol, I know I like itt. (;
I'm kinky for people on crack.
Max Unrated.
Mar 3 2010 7:21PM

You Have Beeen Random Commented,
Send This To 10 Peoplees Or More,
Or Else.
Mar 2 2010 6:13PM

you're on crack if you don't think you're goregeous. (:
I'm glad you gave me a chance<3
Mar 2 2010 4:19PM

heey goregeous.
you're amazing, mmaky.
We have a lot in common
Feb 25 2010 3:25PM

im glad it did :]!
me too, we need to start talking, ASAP!
no were not on crack, we just know a beautiful girl when we see one :]]
i love you too, Shayla. & you should feel special, cause you areee <3
i love you you too bestfriend.
Feb 21 2010 5:35PM

i love you with all my heart & this is coming from my heart & some what of my brain. Shayla Kay, your one of my bestfriends. like, my biological sister in some way. we make fun of each other, you call me a crack head, i tell your blind, & thats only cause we argue about you being beautiful, but thats only cause you are! & at the same time we are there for each other :] i worry about you like im your mother, whenever your sad. i hope we will be friends forever. i will be there for you, always. i only get to talk to you 1 or 2 a week, sometimes more, & damn its depressing. i wish we could talk more. we use to talk so much more before, but its started to stop, sadly. your one of the most fxcking amazingist person i have ever met. i don't know waht i would do if i lost you <3

~EmMa xoxo♥
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