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Hell.., Zambia
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Feb 6 2010 8:00PM
I'm gonna make another account, when i make it, i'll add it.
So ADD IT when you see it (:
Feb 6 2010 7:27PM
I dunno.
My DarlingDear, are you listening, am i being clear, i'll say it again, i am always here<3
Feb 6 2010 7:21PM
so, i'm not leaving.Because Kylee is the most forgiving person on earth. And i love her so much<3
Feb 6 2010 6:52PM
This is to all the people who care, i guess.
Guys, i'm leaving.
If you have my number, text me.
My best friend, hates me. And without her, i'm just a stupid crumb,
i wish she would forgive me, but obviously she won't.
So to the people i love..I'm sorry, i'm leaving.
Feb 6 2010 6:49PM
I'm sorry for whatever i did, i'm not letting you hate me over this.
Please...You know who you are.
Feb 5 2010 8:05PM
As if i ever mattered.
I hate this. I hate everything,
i may say i'm okay.
But i'm a fuucking liar. i wish i was never born.
nobody even tries to help.
Saying sorry isn't gonna help. I appreciate it and all, but ugh.
Nothing will ever be okay.
I'm a screw up. i hate being Shaye.
Feb 5 2010 7:24PM
3 gone =(
What is this, all of my friends are leaving, i admit, this place is getting old.
But, i didn't makee fake friends on here, i love 3 people who left.
And, i hate that. i need you guys =( [[Rey,Emma and Ian]] you can't just leave me...
Feb 1 2010 9:35PM
New picture!!
And btw, a few people have said i look asian, well, im not.
I'm Polish, Welsh, and Italian.
Plus a picture of my RrobyPop(: [[Robyn]]
Feb 1 2010 9:14PM
Myy friends make mee smilee :]
Feb 1 2010 7:11PM
Fuuck you.
quit playing me child, i ain't no fuuckin' boardgame.


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Feb 7 2010 4:29PM

i love you too Shaye :] <3
Bubblez Ü
Jan 24 2010 6:08PM

Hi Shaye :]
Now what happened dear?
Jan 24 2010 1:06AM

hey, why are you ignoring me?
Jan 6 2010 9:37AM

You realize theres more people with problems HERE than on the Oprah Winfrey Show
and i hope You realized..This IS HELL! And..i will come back and say hi but until then...please remember..that your always gonna be in MY Heart<33
Jan 6 2010 6:02AM

Okay so like, This girl here is Ahmazing. (:
Shaye is like the Shizz,
She's the bestest friend I have, and I wouldn't trade that for the world.
If you were to hurt her I would have to kick your butt, so be carefull. (:
She's straight up honest, Funny, Nice [she has her moments] jk
But, she's only human.
She's the way everyone should be. In my opinion.
Well, I love you Shaye.
Felt like leaving you a comment. [:
-JohnRoss Hooper.
Jan 3 2010 8:24AM

Shaye. i wanted to say goodbye. cause..i never got the chance to before. so ill miss you.
Jan 2 2010 12:31AM

happy new years <33
Jan 1 2010 1:38AM

Happy New Year Babe
Love ya,
Jan 1 2010 12:15AM

Happy New Yearz :]!
~EmMa xoxo♥
Bubblez Ü
Dec 26 2009 10:57PM

Merry late Christmas darling (:

Love you<3
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