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Doing Sex In, Ireland
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Hi I my name is Lilly my home town is Texas but I moved to Ireland a few months ago. I am single I am 15 and I will date anyone who are in 10th,11th, and 12th grade. I live in a mansion I have 1 brother (who is 12) and I done sex with my old boyfriend. M

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Mar 4 2012 7:15AM
You like me :O
Mar 3 2012 7:58PM
Sex Tips
-Do sex naked AWAYS
-Hump the he/she hard
-Act like you mean
-Wipe the private part againist eachother
-Kiss hard
-Roll around
-Do it for an hour or more.
Mar 3 2012 7:25PM
:O :(
When I found out I had to move to Ireland and leave my Lorenzo (My boyfriend) behind I started to cry so hard because I would never see him again. :( :( :( :( :( :( :(. I miss him so much :*(
Mar 3 2012 4:56PM
Me :P
I'm Lilly. I like this website :D.
Day Started: 3/3/12
Day I quit 3/3/14
:O :P :D :( :).
PS: I can be really random.


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