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My worlds upside down., United States
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Jason|Emo|16|Single I'm Jason.My middle/nickname is Tyler...which is wierd kuz it's also my friends name >_> I love mai music.My best friend ish Mason.(omg we ryme xD)Lay a finger on him and I'll kick ur azz! =]

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Oct 3 2010 1:21PM
My sister is so perverted...
Sep 11 2010 6:14PM
Bein lazy has it's advantages. =] i got free ice cream =D So I'ma keep bein lazy!See where that getz me!
Sep 5 2010 12:18PM
Hey it's Jasons Bff Jenny sneakin on while he's in da baffroom! :D
This dude is EPIC!!
Don't mess with him or else!I'll eat chu like a waffle! :O
Cuz I love waffles! And Jason tew!
Best friends forever!! ♥
Well, i should stop typing, because he'll be back any second!
I can talk about him forevar!
He's the most awesome person alive!
That's why he's my bestie!I love him so much!(bestie way)
He's so smexay!! :D:D:D:P:P;)
Sep 5 2010 11:43AM
answer to my inbox
7 questions.
honest answers.
Thats all you get.
You get to ask me 7 questions.
Any question, anything, no matter how crazy dirty or wrong it is.
No catch.
But I dare you to repost this.
And see what people ask you.
Aug 27 2010 10:27PM
Yay, I finally have a friend that's a guy! xD Even if he's gay, I can live with it.he's awesome just the same! :P
Aug 22 2010 12:16PM
▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ϟМÚŚĨČϟ █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂
•Copy And Paste This If You Would Die Without Music•
Aug 22 2010 10:47AM
( '_')
(> )>O I was going to give you a Cookie...

.....('_' )
O<( <) But then i was like...

. (>O<) I LIKE Cookies!!!!

( '_')
(> )>O Then i said: sharing is good....

......('_' )
.O<( <) But then i was like...

. (>O<) ITS MY COOKIE!!!
. U....U

(> <) so I eated it!
Aug 21 2010 11:46PM
Why must girls always play with my emotions? //_-
Aug 21 2010 8:27PM
Emo Pothead with a Nice Smile xD
What color of shirt are you wearing?

Red = silly
Brown = cute
Green = gorgeous
Blue = sexy
white = Muscular
Aqua = freaky
Yellow = innocent
Purple = a little TOO happy
Black or dont remeber = EMO
Orange = funny
Gray = dumb
Pink = preppy
light pink = sweaty
Multicolored = tree hugging
Other = hott
none = sexy beast

What kind of pants are you wearing??

short shorts =cheerleader
Skirt or Skort = llama
Corduroy = cagefighter
skinny jeans = pothead
Ripped Jeans = skater
Camo = hillbilly
jean short shorts = whore
jeans = prep
Cargo = clown
Sweats or basketball shorts = gangster
soccer shorts = runner
Shorts = bum
Pajama Pants = slut
Nothing = mother banger

What is your NATURAL hair color?

dark brown =with a broken heart
auburn = with a hot boyfriend/ girlfriend
red = with a hot butt
black = with a nice smile
blonde = with a hot body
brown = with beautiful eyes
dirty blonde = that flirts tooo much
strawberry blonde = that is to much to handle
light brown = with amazing eyes
Aug 21 2010 7:45PM
Dyed my hair a little :D


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Sep 11 2010 9:28PM

I love you too mr.berrybearz
Sep 11 2010 9:02PM

Mrs.kitty loves u!
Sep 5 2010 12:41PM

Sep 4 2010 10:26PM

Gahh Really?
Aug 29 2010 1:27PM

I Dont See How...
Aug 28 2010 9:25PM

i believe you should :]
Aug 28 2010 12:44PM

I Am Not XD
Aug 28 2010 12:00AM

then do something fun? x]
Aug 27 2010 11:40PM

thats fun
Aug 27 2010 11:37PM

celabrating CHRISTMAS! lyk yeah xD
and you?
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