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under HER bed, Canada
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Jorge||17||♥Im With My TeddyBear<3♥06.21.12♥||I Love My TeddyBear!!xD

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Feb 16 2014 4:11AM
havent seen this **** in awhile lmao hoowah anyways my life is awesome got the girl of my dreams
megan beside me even though shes having a hardtime im gonna stay with her anyways i need a blast
go smoke with her n go lay dwn iguess
Sep 3 2012 7:05PM
Im sorry i was such a ****head i know i am now i feel like such an ass
i dont know what to think of myself now and LOVE is looking at someone
whos imperfect...perfectly and accpecting them who they are&¬ for what
they have:) i dont know what else to say but im sorry<3....i do love you
but...everything you wanted to leave me forever so that broke everything
im not saying its your fault! My Final&&Last Goobye<3 I Love You TeddyBear<3
Always Have...Always Will<3 GoodBye Lovee<3

Aug 28 2012 10:55AM
I Miss YOU!!! God I Cant Believe I Did This!
I LOVE YOU!! I Need You....Please GET ON!!
Or Txt Me Atleast....-sigh-I Dont Know What
I'll Do Without You...
Jun 30 2012 1:51AM
This Suckss...really!
One minute their happy&&loving
The next..their angry&&destructive
Jun 28 2012 2:39PM
Losing my mind....wheres my girlfriend???:D
LoL i miss her...i wodner if shes thinking about my cuppycakes:D ahha
Jun 23 2012 6:20AM
Fckns rights! All Mine!.
She told me i told her PERFECT!.
I wanna to be hers forever <3
Jorgeyworms and Teddybear makes BEAUTIFUL CUPPYCAKES!
May 24 2012 9:09PM
♥ Jayson Shawn Kakegamic♥
Jayson Passed Away In His Sleep At 615am Not Long Before He Was Talking To His Girlfriend Jasmine Who He Loved Very Much And He Talked About Her All The Time Jayson Was Happy Most Of The Time Once In Awhile He Did Have His Little Breakdowns But It Alright Jayson Made Sure He Put Everyone Else Before He Took Care Of Himself He Cared About All His Family All His Friends He Loved To Play Hockey When He Wasnt On The Computer Lol He Was An Amazing Guy Knew How To Make Anyone Smile Or Laugh No One Can Replace Him And He Will Never Be Forgotten He Be Strongly Missed NickelBack-Lullaby This Song Kindah Explains Him But You'll Only Understand If You Know Him Like I Do You'll Smile Like Me
I Miss You Jayson I Love You Alot Brooo!!:)-Megann<3
Jul 29 2011 3:31AM
Shes Awesome Funny Sweet Sensative Cool Laid Back
A Real Chill Out Girl! Shes Awesome! Im Happy I Met Her!
I Met Her Yesterday&&Now Shes My Bestie! I Love Her To Death!
If Anyone Messes With Her...I Kill You!!! LoL Oppz..Did I Mention
Shes Beautiful? She Knows It:D Shes Amazing...Changed The
Way I Look At Life Real Quick! Thats How Amazing She Is!
I Hope Everyone Sees What I See In Her:)
I Love You Destiny!
Jul 29 2011 3:23AM
Hes Mine!:P Crushing On Him For 25 Minutes:)
Next Thing I Know Hes My Boyfriend<3
Amazingg Isntt It??:D
Francis Is My Boyfriend!
May 30 2011 12:17AM
What Next???:(
My Life Is Sooo ****ed Up Right Now!!!:(
I Dont Know What To Do Anymore
I Jes Wanna End It ALL! Everything!!
Im Not Gonna Make It Through This One
Not This Time..I Cant Do It



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Jun 27 2012 12:07AM

Darling I miss you so much
I love you with all my heart and soul
Jun 21 2012 4:51AM

Ladies and Gentlemen; Whores and sluts.
Touch my boyfriend and someone gets cut <3
Damn if people touch me then get killed by cuppycakes
*touches myself* c; you have a nasty mind darling I know what you were thinking
Jun 21 2012 4:14AM

Awe <3
Oh yay! I own your face I'm so happy c:
Jun 21 2012 3:33AM

Jorgeyworm you are breathtakingly attractive
Oh dear c': may I own your face? <3
Jun 15 2012 10:28AM

My wifey <3
I love you xD b****es and boys better not hurt you!
Oct 25 2011 5:16PM

Ohwa My Gawd
We Were Having Like Three Conversations At once
We're Epic!
I Missed These Days
Me And You Being BFFs
Here That People?!?!?!
Jayson Is MY BFF!!!
Hehe Lovers You Jayson
Aug 2 2011 6:56PM

Bestieee I Miss You!!
Jul 29 2011 7:49PM

Jul 29 2011 5:47PM

i miss youuuu
Jul 29 2011 9:19AM

Hey Sweetie :)
I saw your blog -hugs- I like it
I wrote one too :)
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