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i love blued guts and gory so if u don't F**** Off bye just so everyone know my name is Rose and that is my really name and yes i am 22 and i don't have KIK at all

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Mar 20 2019 12:54PM
OMG 5 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i just looked and my account is about 5 years old wow did not think i had been here for that long
Mar 19 2019 1:16PM
hay all my people i am sorry i have not been on in a long time i have been really bizzy this past year.
Oct 24 2017 7:25PM
sorry i have not been on here in so long been gone living my life to the fullest
Apr 27 2017 10:19PM
bad week
I am sorry that i have not been on here in a long time i have been busy and have not been feeling good. I have been really sick and have been in the hospital as well and am still not doing well just hope i get better soon if u want to know what is rong with me right know just ask.
Dec 8 2016 1:08PM
OMG so Cold
OMG it is so cold outside right now it is 32*F right now so cold.
Sep 18 2016 8:13PM
i am so bored right know nothing to do anyone what to tack to me
Sep 16 2016 9:43PM
no one to tack to
Sep 15 2016 9:30PM
sup party people
i am on here to tack and have fun ask me anything and i will try to give u a good repons back as soon as i see it.
Feb 27 2016 6:49PM
anyone that needs someone to tacck to just shoot me a mesege and i will get back to u as fast as i can.
Oct 24 2014 5:25PM
hllow to evryone out there


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