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Apr 24 2010 10:00AM
For those of you who haven't been told, Seth passed away on April 21st.
He got in a car accident with his friend, and passed away a few hours later.
I (Damien) am going out to England fir his funeral on Tuesday. We have been best friends for years, and he will be greatly missed.
Please do not send any messages to this account. If you need to know something, send them to me. (iDamien)
Seth Manskie Mohs
April 12, 1991-April 21, 2010
Apr 20 2010 11:09PM
I'm taking a 'break' from MFG. I'm getting too old to be spending my time on this site.
I'm not on much anymore and when I am, I don't really talk to anyone.
So for now, it's goodbye.


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Jul 6 2010 6:57PM

mohs*** -_- that was irritating me... :D
May 30 2010 1:12PM

R.I.P seth mohr... you meant a lot to everyone, just wish you didn't have to die....
well... hope your having fun in heaven, and all that good stuff, miss you. ^^ All the time, haha.
Anyways... <3 u (:

<3 Blake Alexander Thompsin
Apr 25 2010 1:51PM

rip seth...i'll miss u
Apr 24 2010 2:56PM

Seth Manskie Mohs; You're Amazing<3
I Love You(: Best Friend<33
Mar 29 2010 2:01PM

Seth, I want my pants back.
Jan 20 2010 5:51PM

Seth. Damien Told Me What Happened.
I'm So Sorry.
I Wish I Could Help.
But I Want You To Know, That You're An AHH-mazing Person!,
Inside And Out! Me And Damien Will ALWAYS Be There For You!

I Love You With All My Heart!
You're My Bestie <33 It Hurts Me To See You Like This!
I Hope Everything Will Get Better. And Trust Me.
You'll Find A Great Guy Someday! (:

Maybe It Might Be...Damien o.o
Haha JayKay <33
But Really. I Love You! <33 A Lot.

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