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I hate sweet stuff!I`m not 59 i`m 16.I`m taken i`ve been taken for about two years and 4 monthsI love my guy.My name is Christian Hayden Clark got it got it good

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Feb 11 2010 5:28PM
brb getting in shower
Feb 11 2010 5:25PM
Feb 10 2010 7:37PM
My besties
Macey aka Smurf
Amanda (bff)
kaley ( adorable)
Emma (wierd bff)
Feb 10 2010 3:17PM
Omf,I Wuffles This Dude!
Elloz Scottie!!!
I'ma Hacking This Dude!
My Besti I Just Met <.<
Hehe Yew Are Cute Too!
So Make A Fxckin Playlist : ]
So Scottie Ish Better Then Chesse! I Wuffles Him : ]
-Smurrrfffyyy : ]
Feb 10 2010 3:07PM
Be urself and i bet you`ll have my heart really fast
so don`t be all fake and crap idc if ur ugly or not
u will still have a chance looks don`t really matter
Feb 10 2010 2:40PM
own meh
Chest - amanda
Head - ellie
Nose -Jessie
Lips -Kaley
Hair -Jess
Eyes -sammie
Heart -Kaley
Smile -Kaley
Legs -
Stomach -
Ass -
Whole Body-Kaley
Feb 10 2010 1:36PM
stop asking
too many questions ive already said the answer too u ****ing idoits
Feb 10 2010 1:33PM
amazing song
Feb 10 2010 1:32PM
message me i promise ill be nice maybe
Feb 10 2010 1:29PM
guess wat
i won`t be nice to u unless i like u


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Feb 17 2010 6:49PM

Hey scottie!!!!
Hope your being nice to my teddy bear
Feb 13 2010 8:53AM

Feb 11 2010 2:03PM

Awwh I'm A Besti? :]
*Hugz yew* Your My Besti Too <3
-Smurffy :]
Feb 11 2010 12:44AM

Thanx scott ill love yew forever (frann way)
i already did
Feb 10 2010 7:58PM

glad to be a bestie :D
Feb 10 2010 7:20PM

your the coolest guy i've ever met <3
Feb 10 2010 6:29PM

yay! hmm...i want a chocolate bar...Lmao i thought of something funny! xD
Feb 10 2010 5:19PM

Feb 10 2010 3:21PM

-slaps myself- NO WAY! RWALLY? :D
Feb 10 2010 3:05PM

Ello :D
Scottie : )
-gives yew a cupcake- I wanna hack yew sometime!
Hehe yew are cute! & I want yew to make a playlist! Pwez? :"]
Lmao :"]
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