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I ♥ ?, Fiji
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Sarah<3.|Bestie|Mandy♥!i love her more thenn anything!!!.Single & Bisexyy!!!!<3
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Nov 24 2010 12:34PM
Well...ima make a new account.
This one has wayyy to much drama.
Welll if ur important ill give u da name.
Oct 17 2010 8:17PM
A little thingy i wrote
The bitterest tears shed over grave,
for words left unsaid, and deed's left undone.
Oct 17 2010 11:48AM
Chest - Kaylin!
Head -
Nose -
Lips -Rain!
Hair -
Eyes -
**** -
Heart -
Smile -
Legs -
tummy -
Ass -
Abs -
Whole Body-Rain!
Oct 16 2010 10:40PM
Kill meh already
Life isnt what i thought,
Nothings ever easy..And love doesnt reallly exist.
Trust is another word that is fake to meh..
I dont trust or love Anyone...Cause pain is all i get in return.
Oct 16 2010 10:11AM
Black=I hate you.● Pink = I like you. ● Purple= I would date you. ● Red =I love you. ●Orange = I like talking to you. ●White =I really care about you. ●Silver = We're close. ● Green= You're hot. ●Yellow = I couldn't livewithout you. ● Brown= Best Friends. Put this on your...status and see......what you get back..
Sep 26 2010 7:19PM
Ahh! Hehe
Thiss Bee Mandyy Hackingg Myy Awesomee Bestie, Sarah!
There Are Noo Words That Can Describe How Much I Lovee Her<3
She's Thee Best Person EVER!(:
You Should Talk To Herr U Wont Regret It, I Promisee(:
Welpp, I Love U Sarahh
Ur MY Secret Loverr! Hah..
Im Gladd Im Bestiess Witt U Again(:
Ur Ahh-Mayy-Zingg!<3
-Lovee Alwayss Mandyy(:
Sep 19 2010 3:07PM
What color is your favorite hoodie?Black
How are you feeling RIGHT now? Cold
Whats the closest thing to you that's red?Jakobs Skinny's
Are you emotional? .............yes
Do you like yourself? no
What are you listening to right now? Pretty boy swag
Ever been on a train? ya
Ever been in love? yes
Ever walked into a wall? Yes
Last time you cried? like a couple sec.s ago
Do you or dislike more than 3 people? Hell yeah
What is your favorite animal?viper
Do you remember your dreams?not always
What color is your hair brush?Blake And Green
Do you sleep with a teddy bear?Nahh
What is your middle name?Taylor
Do you own slippers? yes
Ever mixed all the sodas from the machine and drank it? Hell Yeah
Do you wear makeup?yaaaa
Do you get annoyed by mosquitoes? hell yah
What brand are your shoes? Many Differnt Brandsss
Do you laugh at just about anything? nopee
What are you doing tomorrow? Danceinggg
The year you were born? ????
Ever been to a bonfire party? Yes
Are you afraid of the dark? Uhhh Sometimess
Is it easier to forgive or to forget? forget
Where is your cell phone? My back pocket
When was the last time you yelled at someone?today
What was your childhood nickname? Babyboo
Have you ever shoplifted? y r u askin did som 1 see me
Ever painted each fingernail a different color? yes
Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle? yes
Ever made a creation out of duct tape? yes
Sep 11 2010 3:37PM
Eww my friends are such perv's :P
Jake ish toatally Likeing Lilly!! haha i think i should hook them up (:
i know she likes him, haha well hope i get to see Keith <3
Aug 28 2010 8:56PM
Dayumm youz a bad chick huh?
haha not!!!! you iz my fav lil girl. and you always smilein.
haha neva forget youz mine nd all mine!
Dayummm Sex Ish For BabyBoo now huh?
haha we guna makeee dem babiez!(;
yhu know yhu wanna right? hellz yeh you do!
well i love you MY shexy lil freak!!!
Aug 28 2010 8:47PM
Ighttt for those of you stalkerz that dont know me here it iz
my names Sarah but everyone calls me Babyboo.
im bisexual. and taken by the most wonderful guy<3
some ppl say im lovable. (i dont believe it)
im crazy, wild,sexual (at times) and i love to party!(:
well you wanna know anymore? hit up my inboxx!


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Sep 27 2010 5:12PM

Sarah, Mehh Lovee<3Youu Are Officially Minee!&&Only Minee!(; Which Meanss I Own Her<3
Heh I Lovee Youu? Soo Much!U Aree Mehh Bestiee For Lifee!..
Youu Shouldd Inboxx Mee, Cuzz I Really Wanna Talk Too U!Heh..
Anywayy Justt Showing Ur Pagee Somee Lovee<3
&&Ima Alsoo Gonna Doo Thiss.. -Rapess Ur Pagee-
Hehehehe(; Well Imaa Stopp Noww Cuzz I Kindaa SUCK At Commetss(:
Lmao [x Lovee Yaa
-♥ Mandyy
Sep 12 2010 7:43AM

come get your but on here sara i miss u to much your are my bestie everybody on her page I OWN HER AND SHE OWNS ME got it good briitany and kyle and everybody else keep movein alrigh thank u
Sep 11 2010 3:59PM

you are like my bestie!!!
Sep 11 2010 3:59PM

you are like my best!
Sep 6 2010 11:57AM

-Takes your comment virginity-
Mine Hoez!!!!! hahaha love you babyboo!!!
Aug 28 2010 8:08PM

I Love You Soo Much!!!!
Aug 19 2010 3:23PM

-runs up to Kaylin and Steals Sarah.-
i told you she ish mine B!tch!
Aug 19 2010 2:43PM

Gosh. Jakob.
-follows kaylin-
Aug 19 2010 1:27PM

not like that you perv!
but stilll Sarah ish mine!!!!!!!
-takes her and runs with her up to her room & hides in the closet-
Aug 19 2010 1:23PM

-runs to yall and grabs Sarah-
she ish mine!!!! Yall cant have her!
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