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I'm Sara.! I'm Now 16 SinceJune1ST.! Single and Ready to mingle:)

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Aug 19 2011 10:23PM
Hit Us Up.!!!
Hey everybody me and my friends are bored so hit us up.!!
And its the last weekend of summer so were gonna make it wild.!
My frieend Kealton : 918-635-4007
My friend Danielle : 918-649-7910
My friend Jacqlyn: 479-353-3383
My friend Tina:918-413-2077
Jul 19 2011 7:44PM
8)is a happy bear
Well me and my brother and his boyfriend and my niece are officallly moving outta oklahoma to newy york city:))
Jun 23 2011 2:02PM
:)Yippy me.!!!
I'm headed to NY.!!:)
I wishh i could stay in NY longer so i wuld get to see my amazing boyfriend:(
But im leaving NY when hes comeing to NY!

Jun 22 2011 12:44AM
My Monroe Pierced:)
Well today my brothers boyfriend took me to the mall o get my Monroe pierced.!!
I didnt know I was getting it done untill we got there.
It didnt hurt as bad as I thought it would:)
It looks sexy:)
Jun 19 2011 2:55PM
Vacation in 3 Days.!
Is going on vacation in three days with my brother his boyfriend
And there daughter:)
We are going to go to New York For Two weeks
Th were going to California To vistie my Mamananny
Then were going to Chicago for 1 week 1/2
Jun 19 2011 2:48PM
Bad Feelllingg :(
I have a bad feeling,
I know he loves meh well he says he does.
I dont want to jmp to conclusins but i just have a bad feelin:(
I really love him tho and i doont want to be hurt again:(
May 25 2011 10:08AM
:)I hope im like this:)
I wan't to date someone who
doesn't write on my page every five minutes,
someone who doesnt always tell me they love me.
someone who doesn't kis me ever five secounds,
somone who doesn't have that much control over
me, someone who doesn't think i am ignoreing
them when im not even logged on, someone who
acctually has a realll conversation with me.!!!
That is what a good BoyFriend/GirlFriend is.!! ;/
May 1 2011 7:57PM
Ever look at the way people act and wonder if the city's water source contains crack?
May 1 2011 6:15PM
2 1/2 weeks of school left for meh.!! :))
Apr 30 2011 10:09AM
Today's Special: a generous portion of attitude, smothered in a quick temper, with a side of sarcasm...


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Jun 27 2011 5:39PM

awesome :) ily2
Jun 26 2011 3:18PM

hey sara hru?
Jun 24 2011 5:50PM

nooo i love u waaayyyy more ♥♥
Jun 23 2011 6:30PM

hell no i love u more
Jun 21 2011 5:03PM

♥♥ u waaayy more than my life ;)
Jun 20 2011 5:17PM

love u more ;)
Jun 20 2011 7:52AM

thats nothin trust me
its about my vacation in vegas
not about u dont worry
Jun 18 2011 6:11PM

ily as well babe ;)
Jun 17 2011 6:18PM

heyy sara waazzzzzzzuuuuup?
Jun 10 2011 4:58PM

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