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Damn i'm, Hungary
About Me:
Pictures of you, Picture of me, remind us all of what we used to be♥; I'm starting all over again. (Taken)

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Jun 18 2010 1:08AM
fucck you.
You don't love someone after one, goddamn day.
Jesus Christ...
May 5 2010 2:53PM
Her Name Is Sammie.♥;
My name is Sammie.
I doubt you'll ever care.
I'm not worth much.
I can't do anything right.
So, just forget about me.
I'll never be what you want.
Trust me.


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Sep 20 2013 4:47PM

Hey baby, don't know if you remember me or not, but I remember you. I miss you like crazy.
Mar 6 2011 2:48PM

I love you
Nov 20 2010 8:08PM

I love you too.
Aug 26 2010 6:11AM

Happy two months, Sammie! (:
Hey Jonah!
May 1 2010 11:44PM

Hey Jonah!
Apr 22 2010 12:02AM

Well she should.
Hey Jonah!
Apr 20 2010 11:04PM

Oh that's because she is.<3
Marissa. <3
Apr 19 2010 8:20PM

No One Called Your Comment Virginity. [;
So Guess What?
I Call It Niqqers! >: o
& Jonah! >: o
I Steal Your Comment Virginity Sammie! ^.^
Love You Baybay. <3;
Hey Jonah!
Apr 18 2010 10:58PM

SAMMIE is her name. (:
& I love her with my all.<3
Hey Jonah!
Apr 17 2010 2:23AM

<3 Lovely. Haha
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