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I play drums. I sing. I'm nice. I'm funny. I love music. Anything else?

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Jan 3 2011 11:18AM
R.I.P. Jorge 2
It's been a little over a week since my brother passed away. I still can't get over it. It was nice getting on for him and seeing the nice things some of you had to say. He's in a better place and I'm sure he misses you all greatly. R.I.P. Jorge a.k.a. My best friend. :'(
Dec 20 2010 7:15PM
R.I.P. Jorge
This is Jorge's brother Moses. I'm sorry to inform you guys that my brother Jorge passed away this passed weekend in a car accident. Don't accuse me of being a liar because that is just wrong. Nobody is going to replace my brother. I miss him so much already. R.I.P. Jorge :'(
Dec 18 2010 1:41AM
Dec 16 2010 3:03PM
She is beyond awesome! :D
Dec 10 2010 12:32PM
It's good to be back.
I need some new friends on here. I haven't been around for a while and I'd love to know some of the new people on here. Add me. Message me. Let's be amigos.
Dec 8 2010 2:12PM
I'm back!
It's been years but I'm finally back. Add me. :D


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Dec 23 2010 12:55PM

Jorge words cant describe how much of an amazing persone you were.
U were funny smart fun happy and all around a joy to be around :'(
I felt like i could come to you with anything on my heart and you
wouldnt judge me like other ppl would have. I love you i miss you like crazy and
ur worth losing sleep over. I love u soo much Jorge i cant believe your gone :'(
P.S I will forever hold u in the hollow of my heart.
P.P.S Il keep ur gold spandex space suit safe for when we meet again <3
-Your bestest space fren, Lexi <3 <3 <3
Dec 23 2010 12:32AM

R.i.P iLooveed Yuuhe Sooo Fuuuqqqin Muchh.!!
This Bites.
Dec 22 2010 1:54PM

Jorge, I was just getting to know you.
And, just to let you know, you were amazing.
One of the most amazing people I've ever met.
You always knew how to put a smile on my face,
any day of the week, any week of the month, any month of the year.
Thanks for being there, Jorge.
I hate how you had to go. And, I'm so stupid!
I should have gotten on so I could talk to you!
Ugh. I miss you. I love you, Jorge.
Rest in peace. While we lie awake thinking about you<3
Dec 20 2010 1:31PM

Love u mucho Jorge :D
Dec 18 2010 11:28AM

Or is school too cool for me? o:
Pssht. Yeah right.
School's lame!
& Yayy c:
Dec 17 2010 10:59PM

Awh ;3
Captain Amazing, eh?
I like to call myself..
Captain Crunch.
^- He's totally the sex, as a quaker, naw?
Haha (:
Dec 16 2010 7:36PM

Awh. I didn't mean to leave you hangin' like that.
Please, will you find it in your heart somewhere to forgive me?
I promise, I will try my very, very, absolute best not to let it happen again. (:
Peace Punch.
Dec 16 2010 2:58PM

Awh, Jorge (:
Thank you.
But, you got it all wrong.
Amazing is a person, and his name is Jorge.
Yeah, eat that for a midnight snack, yo!
Dec 16 2010 2:40PM

Well, thank you ever so much, Jorge (:
Dec 16 2010 2:35PM

Okay, can someone say amazing?
I sure hope so, if not we'd all be in trouble.
So, amazing. Exactly what Jorge is.
Jorge, Jorge, Jorge. You make me smile (:
Like, literally all the time.
I don't lie, remember.
'Honesty is the best policy.'
Yeah, so, anyway.
I am in love with the way you spell your name.
It's totally the shhit dude, (emphasis on 'the shhit'
Yeah, so. Much lovinn'.
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