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Thaa names'x Sarah....Im me'hh.. hitt me up on MySpace or AiM... message me'hh for detailsx*

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Jun 13 2010 8:20PM
1. Status: Singhle for now*
2. Ever been in a retionship? Yeszirr'r
3. Anyone you got in mind? Most definihtley'yy
4. Last person to say I Love You to you? Myy buddyy*
5. Why did your last relationship end? It was just a breakk needed
7. Do you believe in love at first sight? Not really'yy
8. Honestly , are you/were you ever in love? Still amm*
9. Describe love: A connehction between 2 people dhat can never'r be brokken
10. What do you look for in a relationship? Someone rightt for me'hh, hugsx, kkissesx & smilesx*
11. Any one certain thing that would cause a break up? Cheatinhgg ((bad memoriesx]]
12. Plan on getting married? Nahh'h ima die old & lonely'yy...of course i wanna get married*!
13. Whats your dream wedding? Dha church, bea'utiful dressx, family'y, & dha man i love
14. Love is? A couple unbreakkable dhat will go threw the toughest thingsx together'r and nothing can breakk them up'p
15. Have a love story to share? Uhh no...Mind'dd your businessx*
Jun 13 2010 7:46PM
Yeahh'hh fo'reall..
I need friendsx on dhis lamme website*


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