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Havent Been On Dhis BytCh in a HOT minute! lol

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Apr 14 2011 9:35PM
Turn UP Dah LIghtz IN here BABybeee.!
Nov 18 2009 5:37PM
Im Ur Pretty GUrl =)
Oct 8 2009 7:00PM
SomEthIn YouH FOrGOtT!!
I've been lonely, I've been waiting for you
I'm pretending, and that's all I can do (that's all I can do mama)
The love I'm sending ain't making it through to your heart (I hope you hear me)

Pain, since I've lost you, I'm lost too
Nigga feelin' like he at the bottom like a horse shoe
Sorry for the trouble that I put you and your heart through
God knows that I'd do anything for a part two, or to
be prayin' for the day you come back to me, sayin' that you forgive me
Give me another chance, I'm needin' it like a kidney
I don't wanna advance, give me back her hands
Give me back her touch, I don't ask for much
but I ****ed up, I know I ****ed up, I admit I ****ed up
but everybody **** up, now this other nigga lucked up
Tellin' me and my clique don't give a ****
Cause um, we from New Orleans, she was from Georgia
She was my down chick, I was her soldier
I was her gangsta, she was my shoulder
You were the pistol to my holster .. BANG!

You've been hiding, never letting it show
Always trying, to keep it under control (I see you hidin' it mama)
You got it down, and your well on your way to the top (keep doin' your thing)
but there is something you forgot

You forgot about the house, you forgot about the ring
I remember everything, I just wanna hear you sing
I remember the love, right after the fights
You can't tell me you don't remember those nights
and if I would cry, then you would cry twice
To me you are the brightest star under sunlight
See take away my title, take away my stripes
You give me back my girl and you give me back my life
Give me back my girl and you give me back my life
See this is just a nightmare, so I blink twice
Open up my eyes hopin' she'd be in my sight
I remember the time, I wish I could bring it back
What she mean to me, is what I mean to rap (what I mean to rap)

You've been hiding, (y'know) never letting it show
Always trying (I see you hidin' it mama)
to keep it under control (but I know you know)


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Marc Felix
Dec 4 2009 8:06PM

Im ur pretty boy LoL
Nov 22 2009 4:45AM

haha whoops my bad thought you posted that on my comments :O my badddddd
Nov 22 2009 4:45AM

lol yes ur my pretty girl :)
Nov 2 2009 12:11PM

Long Time Noo Tlk!! Lol How Yah Been?? Gosh I Miss Yhu Girl Come And Talk To Me Sometime Lol Alright Gottah Go Ohyeah Showing Loove=D Laterr
Oct 8 2009 7:24PM

iLOvee that sOnqq.
Sep 4 2009 8:24PM

hey baby, just passin thru showin you some amor. hit me up sometime
Feb 5 2009 1:44PM

Yeah I Kno! I Miss You!!*hugs*
Dark Heart
Jan 31 2009 1:11AM

hey hey hey buddy i miss yu
Jan 30 2009 4:09PM

Do u liv china town actually?!
xXThe KnownXx
Jan 24 2009 4:39PM

thnks for tha add!! (The Known)
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