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First and foremost, Destiny (Sexy girl 101) is MY babygirl. love youuuu :** The names Brandon who tf are you? inbox.


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Apr 6 2013 12:36AM
Im tired of all these thots nd smuts comin outta nowhere nd sayin how "Brandon is my man"...I never talked to you...or I stopped talking to want to get blocked or sumthin? tf...
Dec 16 2012 2:32PM
Ice Ice baby,
shake that a$$ just like dice baby.
-Wayne had me there xD
Nov 9 2012 11:06PM
mean girls xD
Glencoco? 4 for u glencoco! good for you glencoco!
Sep 29 2012 4:30PM
She got here askin for her number.
wantin her beside me.
thinkin bout us.
want that body.
May 31 2011 11:34PM
be bakk
in a week or so
luv u ppl :P
-brandon B)
Apr 22 2011 12:43PM
Earth day is two days after 4/2O lol
talk bout pollution :P
this iz all rong!
Apr 13 2011 10:25PM
From: CUTEGIRL54321
Date: Apr 12 2011 9:23PM
Subject: likke

likke dude u have nt txted me nd 4ever but itxs over nw soooo.... have a awsum liffe bro. that wazz sooo nt kool

-Really ? i never went out with this chick! wow smh....bixches these days?
Mar 7 2011 9:49PM
My family
life is a b****
and death is the sister.
sleep is the cousin
what a ****in the family picture?
you know father time
and we all know mother nature
it's all in the family
but i am of no relation.
-Lil wayne "6 foot 7 foot 8 foot bunch"
Feb 11 2011 11:13PM
bored! hmu ;)
Feb 11 2011 12:24AM
at skool i wuz sittin next to my friend and all of a sudden i hear him say BIOOOTCH! lmao xD
so i ask him
WTF did u call me?!
and he goes
calm down bro im singin!
lol ma brotha :P


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sexy girl 101
Dec 9 2013 2:12PM

Hey Loser. No i'm kidding. Hey babe, I just felt like leaving a comment. I love youuuuu (:
sexy girl 101
Feb 16 2013 10:35PM

i miss youuu.
sexy girl 101
Dec 2 2012 10:12PM

i love you too <3
sexy girl 101
Nov 20 2011 5:13PM

my life sucked
until i met you
my heart was broken but you put it back together
i gave up on love
until i met you and now im in love with you
your my missing puzzle piece now im complete
your my night and shining armor
and you know what i am?
im all yours!
sexy girl 101
Nov 15 2011 5:04PM

love u 2 forever and ever
without you i am nothing
sexy girl 101
Sep 16 2011 5:09PM

missin you like crazy :/ ur always on my mind :)
sexy girl 101
Mar 9 2011 6:05PM

i love you to brandon
always and forever <3
candy xoxo
Feb 6 2011 2:39PM

Happy Belated Birthday Hunn ;* :)
Feb 5 2011 1:24AM

Ughhh.. Animals These Days -.-
Feb 4 2011 5:08PM

oh i love you to your just to sweet! ps i havent stoped thing about you!
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