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Hi my Name is Ryan Kenny. i'm more of a 90's person. every thing was better in the 90's music, tv shows video games all the way till about 2004 where it gone to crap. favorite TV shows & programs [Adult Swim] My Name is Earl, & that 70's show.

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Jun 1 2010 8:31PM
Havent been on since forever
The last time I came to this site was I think was in Feburary
Nov 22 2009 2:29AM
Shoe laces
People, remember while your walking, your shoe laces are planing an evil trick on you. just waiting for the right moment like if your carrieing glass, or standing in front of a bunch of nails, so remember to keep your eye on your shoe laces. Their plotting whil you read this message.


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awesome erod
Mar 2 2011 11:38AM

then you shall drink it.
savage beast
Mar 7 2010 11:12AM

what if your wearing flip flops??
awesome erod
Dec 19 2009 10:23AM

Talk to him or I will hunt you down and hire an assassin and have him/her shoot you down in cold blood!
Nov 21 2009 11:19PM

WTF no friend comments!? people whats wrong with u! HES KICK ASS! dude im helpin u out dont argue with me! HE freakin awesome!

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