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May 12 2011 11:08PM
I Had To Modify 500 Times -.-
New Profile Is In My Websites Thing .
Add, Message Me (:

Profile Name; RecklessReanna(:
May 12 2011 10:44PM
Im Bored .
Might Make A New Account (:
I Feel Old On This One, And It Doesnt Show My Profile When I Go On It On My Ipod -.-
So Yea Im Gonna Make A New One .
Message For The New Account :3
The Name Is In My Head Alreadyy xD
May 9 2011 10:34PM
"Gravitation Is Not Responsible For People Falling In Love."
-Albert Einstein
May 3 2011 10:59PM
Ahah ;)
When you have that special women who makes your heart skip a beat
and you´re so crazy in love you´re tellin everybody
that she´s your life your heart your soul your baby girl
but you just don´t know what she´s doin' to you in this world
so I´m sayin'
Fucck the biitch, I don´t need the shiit
I´m gonna live life to the fullest and I have no regrets
So Fucck the biitch, I don´t need the shiit
I´m gonna smoke weed feel high like it´s legit!
So Fucck the biitch, I don´t need the shiit
I´m gonna live life to the fullest and I have no regrets
So Fucck the biitch, I don´t need the Shiit
I´m gonna smoke weed feel high like it´s legit

I Like That Song ;D
Fucck The b**** - Tanya Maribusan .
May 2 2011 7:30PM
Ayeeee (:
Sexy Lady Your My Magnet I Am Your Steel ,
Stick Your Body On Me I Know You Like To Feel
The Strength Of My Attraction
My Physical Reaction .
Our Love So Strong So Clean Like A Magnet To Steel (:

Song- Magnet To Steel <3
Apr 29 2011 12:09AM
Made My Night (:
From: xAddict(:
Date: Apr 29 2011 12:05AM
Subject: RE: autum<3
YAAAAAAAAAAY! Woo! Yeah! Autum is back, Back Again! xD
Apr 25 2011 3:34PM
Shhhhh ;x
I Think I Might Just Like You ...
But Then , You Like Someone Else .
I Mean You LOVE Someone Else ...
Am I Supposed To Be Feeling This Way Towards Someone I Just Met ?
Apr 21 2011 10:46PM
From: sexybeast777
Date: Apr 21 2011 8:03PM
Subject: hi
hey sexi

My Reply ; " bye dumbass :D "

Aaah Im So Mean xD
Apr 19 2011 6:15PM
You Know Im Not Replying ._.
From: nascarfan3
Date: Apr 19 2011 6:14PM
Subject: hey
damn ur sexy wish u was bent over in front of me
Mar 16 2011 4:02PM
my sonnet<3
The Heartbroken Girl

I sat on the stairs crying my eyes out
Knowing we will never be together
We were one then my mind was full of doubt
Thought we were going to be forever

My heart is in pieces because of you
Losing you was the worst thing that happened
You just continue to do what you do
After all this you will be awakened

You broke my heart but now I am ok
I can’t be mad at you any more now
Faithful is what my heart will always stay
Why don’t you just leave and then take a bow

Yet I still love you now and always will
My wild ride after this break will be a thrill


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May 4 2011 1:36AM

Lol of course you're the ****! <3
Apr 26 2011 1:57PM

I woke up in a hospital bed. Scared because i couldnt move, i asked the doctor "whats going on?" he said "you dont remember?" it all happened at school". He told me " your friend had a problem with some people at school and almost got shot-you jumped infront of them and took the bullet yourself.Lucky you didnt die,.................... you're going to be okay though so dont worry". Now i think to myself, " I'm happy i took that bullet for you, because it would of hurt even more to see you lying in this hospital bed. Send this to 12 people you would take a bullet for ♥
Apr 26 2011 1:29AM

(: something like that.
Apr 25 2011 1:22AM

Spam is meat, darling.
i think its meat. >.>
Mikaila_Moo <3
Apr 19 2011 12:13AM

Bahahahahh!!! XD
You Spammed My Inbox So I Shall Spam Your Wall!
Mikaila_Moo <3
Apr 18 2011 6:19PM

Girrl We Be Pretty Flyy Together Ya Know That?(:
I Mean C'mon Who Else Bonds Over The Wizardd Of Oz?
"Were Off To See The Wizard!" Haha:D First Friend On Heree, And Yu'll
Definately Be The Last((: Ur Gorgeouss Ya Know That? LOVE- Your Picture. So Glad That
The First Person I Met On Here Wasnt A LameA'ss Poserr(:
Runnin Outta Things To Say So Ima Catch You Later(:
Mikaila_Moo <3
Apr 17 2011 11:24PM

HI Reanna:D
Tanks For Talking To Me When Nobody Else As Cool Would(:
Yur Mamazing Girll!
Apr 2 2011 10:50PM

Yay! :3
I win. <3
Apr 1 2011 5:53AM

Reanna! If thats your real name. Have we or have we not been friends? Yes. Hmm. Case closed your honor. [:
LolWut!?? Reanna since you're on my friends list, I decided that I'd leave you pretty little comment saying that I love you because I feel like I don't say those words too often. So here it goes... I loooove you. [:
Well done. A+ work. WOOO! I get an A! =D
I think we had pretty radtasticalistic conversations over the last -insert time period when we started messaging- :3 Haha yeahh. <3
And BTW Its RANDOM 2.A.M COMMENT TIME! :D WOO! YAY! Rock on! Peace! -shoots- Die MF! [: kidding. Peace and Love. <3
Okay I think that this comment needs a little more. But of what? Hmm...... -does a sexxxxahhh gir dance- xD YES! YES! -moan- x3
Okay your comment is now weird enough to be posted on your now sexy profile. [: #WIN!
Love you. Bai!
- Autum.
Mar 26 2011 9:17PM

Im sorry xD
i just found out what i changed my password to
im such a dumbo >:|
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