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Jan 9 2011 12:11AM

YESH. Do It :3
Dec 26 2010 12:51PM
I Miss This Account! D:
I Actually Had Friends Here.!
Nov 28 2010 1:57PM
Start Over? I Think So.
Ima Start Over.
On My Life, On Everything.
Ima Be A Wholeeee Different Person.
Like Sha Bam.
I Guess Ill Make A New Account.
Takes Too Long To Delete Every Single One Of These Blogs.
Dont Even Know Why Im Stayin Tho.
Just Fuccks Everything Up.
If Yuh ACTUALLY Care About Me,
Message Me For My New Account Name.
Nov 20 2010 10:55PM
-in the car-
-moms on the phone so she hands me her coffee so she can buckle her seatbelt-
-goes to give it back to her and the cup holder thingu slides down-
Shelbi: ow thats hot. OW.
Mom: pusssy..
Shelbi: -gives her a weird look- what?!
Mom: -smiles and sais to my sis on the phone: Shelbis a pusssy-
Shelbi: WTF.
Nov 19 2010 11:39PM
(in second period, art)
Shelbi: -makes a smiley face outta yarn-
Lindsey: -grabs scissors and tries to cut the eye-
Shelbi: -hurries and tries to cover it-
Lindsey: -accidently slices my thumbnail and i lil bit of my skin open and it starts bleedin-
Shelbi: Fucck!
Lindsey: -eyes open hella wide and mouth drops open- omg are u okay!
Shelbi: -starts laughin so hard i start crying-
Lindsey: Omg its not funny!!!! Are yuh okay?! Do u want twenty dollars?? -reaches fer her wallet-
Shelbi: omg no i dont want yuhr money! It doesnt even hurt.
Nov 12 2010 5:01PM
Coming home from school was amazing. Meh n lindsey walked home together and we put our backpacks as high as theycould go, and ran all hunched over, cuz some girl does that. And so i started jerking and then i told lindsey im like, can u do a kartwheel? And shes like no. So i tried it an fuccking faceplanted t into the groundd hard xD And so lindsey started lhfao and so did i so im like u do it! And she fuccking faceplanted it xD we were laughing so hard. And then she kept kicking my backpack so i tried tripping her and fell and then i tried again and we were on this mini hill and i grabbed her leg and lifted t in the air and slid on the grass and faceplanted it xD but then lindsey tripped and fell. And other things happened but this is WAY to long to say. But and then i started makin bird noises xD
Nov 12 2010 12:23AM
Today was weird.
It all started out, me going to gay ass school. Then gettin hella hyper in art. Then this mexican chick sayin **** bout mykayla (funny). Then i went to dance, which i swear i through my back out in, its intense xD but and then i went to applebees and waited fer 2 hours just to get a fuccking table and then when we got one, all i heard is some chick b**** to her little girl xD and then me, my mom, and mason went to the mall, to get me some shoes and i saw some hella tight ones at hot topic but they didnt fucckin fit so tha lady went online and they still didnt have my size so i was like WTF. and then this lady put me on a chair in the mall, took out my pony tail, and showed mah mom how good this straightener worked (which was embarassing cuz mah hsir looked terrible) but then i stood up and i was holdin mah hair back and shes like, yuhr so cute! And started puttin mah hair back in a ponytail and was fuccking pressin her boobs up against me xD so my mom bought 2 straighteners that are regularly 200 bucks each fer oy 175 dollars, and then we came home.
Nov 10 2010 11:25PM
Id do ANYTHING to be pretty/:
Nov 10 2010 8:14PM
I Got Ta Go.
I Honestly Cant Breathe.
Nov 10 2010 7:59PM
Hailey&&Shelbi:-Walkin Down The Hall-
Hailey: Look Theres Lindsey! Should We Catch Up To Her?
Shelbi: Yeah Run Run Run! -Pushes Hailey And Runs-
Hailey: -Jumps On Lindsey And They Almost Fall-
Shelbi: -Laughs Extremely Hard-
Lindsey: My Knee!
Shelbi: Its Mob Day In The Hall Way Day ;D


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AvrilLavigne fan
Apr 6 2011 2:27PM

get bak on sooon cuz like i miss u n stuff
Nov 28 2010 2:15PM

Alright whatever,
I tried.
Nov 28 2010 2:12PM

Sense when did Jason,Christofer,Adam&Hunter become part of your family?
god stop being so difficult.
Nov 28 2010 2:01PM

Btw, you're perfect the way you are .
don't fuccking change women .
I'll have to shank you then shoot a baby .
anyway, don't make a new account&startover, stay the same.
Nov 28 2010 1:59PM

then, why won't you tell me who there about?
I don't wanna lose you& I've been complaining for the last 2'days to Hunter,
Chris&Adam about how I miss you and can't lose you .
Committing suicide would have to be the stupidest thing you could do .
I'd die, Sisters at heart Miss,
I'd just have to go after you.
But anyway, I think your Pretty, So Does Jason,Adam,Chris,hunter,Lindsey,Shelbi,Mason,Your Mom,Licia,Heidi, etc.
so many people think you're pretty dude .
&&yeah I try helping you as M U C H as I can because I hate seeing you hurt.
it kills .
Nov 28 2010 1:46PM

Nov 28 2010 1:45PM

dude, I'm not mad at you . but everybodys telling me all this ****t,
I steal every guy from you.
you wish you were pretty like me.
make me pretty like hailey. etc.
Dude, seriously if you were that jealous why didn't you say something& we coulda talked it over.
Ive asked you to hangout alot recently&You don't want too.
and if every blog you have,
"I hope you choke on a Fuccking coke."
"go die" etc.
pretty sure they were about me, cuz you woulda told me.
Its actually 7 years going on 8.
but anyway people have told me they were about me. so yeah.
Nov 28 2010 12:55PM

nothing, jus laughing.
Nov 28 2010 12:47PM

Nov 28 2010 12:43PM

-pokes your comments-
oh yeah..
Your comments are sexy now
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