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Cutting In The, United States
About Me:
Austin-Yes Bitch Im British :D-SINGLE-Im Bi And Dnt Give A Shit Wat u Think Of It-Im Shy At First,But Once I Get Comfortable,I Dont Shut Up xD- Message Me

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Dec 5 2011 3:25PM
Yaaa....Your ****ing dramatic now huh??
She was right about you...Haah.Never shouldve talked to you in the first place
Dec 5 2011 12:02AM
Hannahs sleeping over.
Dec 4 2011 12:05AM
With your tear streaked face..
Your cold skin...
The hurt in your eyes..

I hate seeing you like this...I really do
Dec 3 2011 11:23PM
It seems like nothing is right anymore..
Oct 24 2011 2:10AM
People should hmu.
I ish veeeeery bored.
I like messages :7
Oct 11 2011 3:01AM
So i guess im spending the night at Hannahs again
Oct 11 2011 1:59AM
Tantrum much??
Oct 10 2011 2:02AM
Hannahs washer machine just had a god damn seizure..
Oct 9 2011 11:51PM
Of course were blow job buddehs <3
Blowjob buddehs forever and ever!
Aug 30 2011 1:54PM
Ello :D
The Names Austin
Im British xD
nd Yes I Have An Accent :D
Im Nice When I Want To Be
If I Dont Like You,Then I'll Tell You ^_^
I Love Candy!
Im Bi. So Yeah I Like Boys and Girls.Get Over It Douchebag
Im Single
I Dont Like To Label Myself.But As Most Of u Would Say,Im Emo
Ummmm I Dont Like Fakes. They r Stupid.
Ughh Im Rlly Not Good At This.
Soo Jus Message Me?


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Dec 7 2011 10:15PM

Yo ho!
I miss you :p
So bring your ass online
and talk to me would ya?
Dec 5 2011 12:50AM

This page is mine!!!
Kno what else is mine??You!
Bitcches better be jealous cuz I have the best bf ever<3
Im laying next to you right now.Your warm.Heh,your hairs a mess..Cute :)
-poke poke kiss- Yes I kissed you :3
Ohhh your lips<3 I love them
Your absoloutly perfect in every way possible.
BooBoo ima stop typing now cuz you wana cuddle.
Yay!Cuddle,I get to fall asleep in ur arms tonight.
Hoes be jelly of me c;

I love you!
Oct 10 2011 10:51AM

Oct 10 2011 12:09AM


And Meagan This Page Is Mine!!!!
Oct 9 2011 11:43PM

I DO NOT GIVE BLOW JOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 9 2011 11:35PM

Im Not A b****!!! Mr. Gets five blow jobs
Sep 13 2011 10:57PM

You Need To Text Me ASAP.!!!!!!!!

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