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Don't mind me. I'm just another guy in the world.

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Jun 19 2011 10:49PM
It's Not The End of The World
The idea of the world ending in 2012 is completely stupid, in my opinion. The world is billions of years old, and it's basically impossible to predict an exact time and date for when it will happen.
Nov 12 2010 10:38PM
It's Quite Sad
"Inbox (0)" :(
Sep 1 2010 5:53PM
Every Generation
Every generation gets a chance to change the world. Pity the nation that won't listen to your boys and girls. The sweetest melody is the one we haven't heard.
Jul 10 2010 2:20PM
What Motivates Us
"I find the topic of motivation quite interesting, actually. The thought of most people who have jobs who work for money is this: The higher the reward, the better the performance, right? Well, if the task at hand only requires mechanical skill, that theory falls right into place, but once a task requires EVEN rudimentary cognitive thinking, that theory goes right out the window. Motivation is seperated into 3 factors: A desire to be self-directed, a desire to get better, and a desire to do something you enjoy. To clearly get positive motivation in a job, he or she who works for that particular company should get paid enough so that money is not an issue, and so that they can be focused on their occupation to get better, more efficient results."
~Dan Pink
Jun 18 2010 1:56PM
The Worst Thing to See
"Inbox(0)" Don't you just feel bad when you see that?
Jun 16 2010 5:29PM
A Honest Question
Does anyone remember laughter?
Jun 10 2010 12:29AM
The Good Old Days
Remember how much better nostalgia used to be?
Jun 5 2010 8:56PM
Where's Waldo?
I can't find my "Where's Waldo?" book! Looks like he's won before I've even started...
Apr 25 2010 10:40PM
The Meaning of Life
The meaning of life is to live. What does one achieve by living? Life.


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