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I love music, writing poetry, drawing, and swimming. I am the most blunt person you will ever meet. I'm a kind person once you get to know me.I don't judge people a lot. I'm Asian, just to let everyone know, not Mexican or Hawaiian but simply Asian.

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Jul 7 2009 7:08AM
I love how 95% of this website is made up of pathetic people who are stupid enough to take pictures off Google and put them up on here making people believe its them. I mean really, go on Google and search "Emo" or "Scene" and you will find tons of peoples "picture" on here and it will be on Google. If you confront someone about it they will be like "I'm not fake this is really me" or some **** like that. Or they'll have this whole story of "People steal my pictures." It's not that hard to tell if someone is fake.


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