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lookin 4 my Nzingha book! in the, United States
About Me:
the pic is me, im black nd im dark skinned (but not the color of charcoal, lol), im lazy :-) i like 2 sketch, im not gay but i think there's nuthin wrong wit gay/bi ppl, i like makin ppl laff and ima cool person so come holla at ur girl!!!!!!

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Feb 15 2011 10:04PM
Im Sad Today....And Will Probably Be For A While....
Oct 7 2010 12:21AM
On To The Next
This boy is still goin around sayin i broke his heart nd im cold nd stuff, omg he needs 2 cry a river, build a bridge, nd GET OVER IT!!!! but watever homecoming is around the corner :•D i got my dress nd im gettin my haircut saturday (the same day as homecoming)
Sep 27 2010 8:25PM
I forgot 2 mention
Sep 22 2010 4:23PM
OMG!!!! (g is for goodness)
omg 2 of my friends hate my new bf :( my bff doesnt like him but i understand y, she said sumthin nd he told her 2 **** herself, i told him nt 2 say it but ppl never listen 2 me, nd of course she got mad, nd my other friend got mad at that cuz she says my bff is her sister nd this girl threatend 2 hang him from a ceilin, lol wont lie it was kinda funny :•/ but yea another 1 of my bff's doesnt like him either i might hav 2 let him go nd find me another new bf, cuz its alot of sophmores on up lookin at me ;)
Sep 19 2010 9:15PM
Its Ironic
I think its funny how as soon as my lil sis break up wit her bf i get one the same exact day, lol thts funny
Sep 19 2010 9:11PM
Not Single No More Guys
Ok so its a new skool year right nd i met this boi he is so nice nd we have so much in common nd he gots the cutests hairs on his chin nd above his lip :D he is soooooOOOOOO nice! he is also clean (not perverted) like these other boys i know but thats why we go out :D he's takin me 2 home coming nd my dress is super cute! i jus gotta show it to him so we can match, i dont want our colors 2 be off :•/ but watever nd i think we been together 4 about 2 weeks now nd he already tlkd 2 my mom nd my dad but i dont wanna get 2 serious cuz im a heart breaker ~ _•~
Jul 27 2010 10:55AM
OMG (G stands for goodness)
omg i had a competition this saturday we did good i guess :/ i met 1 of my frends i havent tlked 2 in a while, sum boy saw me naked, nd it was hot as f*ck (i dont curse any more guys) but yea it was fun though but i doubt im gonna be in next competition
Jul 27 2010 10:20AM
hehe : D
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║╚╣║║╚╗If you like to laugh a lot !
Jul 17 2010 2:02AM
So Excited
Omg I Have A Competition (drill team) Today And I Am So Excited!! I Know We Can Win So Thats Why Im So Excited Plus Its My First Competition! So Wish Me Luck, My Clumsy Ass Needs It :•/
Jul 5 2010 2:12AM
Has It Ever Been So Obvious!?!?
hav u ever had sumone like u, nd it was obvious, nd then sumone close 2 u likes that person, nd its obvious, but the person who likes you dont like them, nd its obvious? nd then the person close 2 u starts actin different (phony, showin out) bcuz they like the person who likes u, nd its obvious? nd the person who was actin phony was ruinin every elses mood, nd its obvious? nd then everyone else notices bcuz, ITS OBVIOUS?!?!


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Jul 27 2010 4:26PM

hey,just showing your page some love!
Jul 2 2010 1:14PM

if u feelin like pimp gurl go brush ur shoulders off
Jul 2 2010 1:39AM


yeah girl you no some ppl are very dum all you can do is walk a way when they make you mad im out girl its tee tee bad best friend so dont mess with her she is very cool cool friend mane and that is word to my red flag
Jun 23 2010 9:03AM

luttl Quagmaires playin ball! luk sidway! comment this ta a friend and if u gt 8 bacc u r da best friend eva!
queenbk made dis!
Jun 8 2010 3:42PM

lol hi big sissr [inside] i jus had sme lub ta giv u *lukz in pocket* o here it is *pullz out somethng shiny and it lites up da sky, thn farts and diez* so luv u anyway
May 4 2010 10:33PM

hea big sisa wat goes on
Apr 28 2010 7:00PM

i lik how i stole it too:)haha
Apr 25 2010 11:15AM

just returnin the love:)
Jul 29 2009 4:19PM

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Nov 22 2008 4:53PM

hi wuz upp
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