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Eatin waffles wiff a platypus:) And chance!!!!!!!!, Heard Island and McDonald Islands
About Me:
Shello! I'm lulu. I'm scene. I'm a valentines baby.Single! I'm 17. Music is my life. I'm Eco friendly! I lurv you! And I don't give two fladoodles what you got to say!CHANCEY loves you ((Cahnce hacked her!!! 1-25-10)

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Jan 27 2010 10:29PM
hey its Lee hacking!!
Heyy Lulu!!
its mee Lee!!
everyone talk to lulu shes awsome funny and prettty! :D
c ya!
-sincerly Lee
P.S marshmellows are better than cupcakes!!
Jan 27 2010 8:20PM
Ok this douche just randomly was like fuxk you and like I have no clue who he is and I was like I have no fuxkin clue who you are then he has the nerve to call me skank and plus he has the lamest comebacks. They are soo. Fuxkin lamee!!
Jan 25 2010 8:34PM
This blog is for chance!
Chance is uh-mazingg.
I wuffles her like a sister!Don't mess wiff her!
She's the veggie monster and she'll eat all your veggies.she is nice, sweet, pretty,weird In a good way, a monster. But the prettiest monster I've eva seen in me little life.She is the best sister you could eva have. V
Jan 25 2010 8:22PM
Chance here to say:
She's amazing and beautiful and wonderful!
Don't mess wiff her! I'm the VMP! Veggie Monster Police!!
Anyways, I love her, Treat her like a princess!!!
I love you lulu!!
Jan 25 2010 5:41PM
Hugging trees and kissing squirrels
I'm the Veggie Monoter and Chance is the Veggie Monster! She's coming to get your veggies!!!
Jan 24 2010 11:57PM
Lulu facts
I'm Lulu Lauren Laree. I'm Eco Friendly. I recycle and hugs trees. I'm not your average 16 year old. Ima veggie. I'd die for a skater boyfriend. I love to sing like. Freak and dance like a retard. Love isn't my best friend. I talk a little too much. I'm a little girl a huge heart. I like to make friends. I have a huge imagination that explains why I'm easily amused. My favorite food has to be spahgeti and waffles. My favorite color is purple.

Lulu's dislikes posers, haters, b****es, whores. I hate it when people label me and judge me. Labels are for soup cans. Judges are in court rooms.


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Mar 9 2010 8:04PM

Lulu! I miss you girl! xD
Feb 16 2010 4:12PM

it is spicy skittlez and crayons and a SHOE with our names on it :D
Lulu+Trey=BBFL :D
Feb 15 2010 11:35PM

lolz im great hbu
Feb 15 2010 2:52PM

I'm so effin sorry i missed it :'(
-gives you gift-
Feb 11 2010 6:22PM

I know same! :D
but they cant take my crayons away! :B
Feb 10 2010 8:06PM

Lol ok!
i thought you were the police or something cauz they caught me before eating crayons and they told me if i ever ate them again i would be going to jail! o.o
Feb 10 2010 7:28PM

YES!!! xD
Feb 10 2010 7:16PM

sorry D:
Feb 10 2010 7:16PM

Lule your on! ;D
Feb 9 2010 9:44PM

Ello Mate;
How ish you doing?
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