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My favorite thing to do is play softball. i play on an ASA team bcuz i love it so much. the chances are small but i really want to play it for a college on day.
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Mar 22 2008 12:49PM
A Day in the Life of Me!!!!
Hi everyone! This is the first blog i have ever posted so im new to this. A day in the life of Katie Steinhauser would most likely go like this. Wake up at 10, drink pineapple juice for "breakfast" and watch spongebob. my 3 sisters Lillie ,Megan, and Rachel are almost always gone so i get the house to myself. As soon as i get comfortable i either get hungry again, or i have to do chores. (probably get hungry, my friends tell me i have a mans stomach) my parents are the best though. theyre not like the others. theyre actually kind of, um....... cool. but sometimes in public i cant stand it when my mom acts krazy. not drunk krazy, just loco. lol. so back to my day. almost right after breakfast i eat lunch, like pnut butter and jelly! and a bunch of junk food too. then i go outside and practice my gymnastics or pitch to my MOTHER. but its fun. id go inside and get yelled at for leaving my lunch on the table. :'( i get over it though. so i clean it up and blieve it or not i spend the rest of the day hanging out with my parents and go to bed at like, idk 11? well theres my life for ya. but a big part missing. youll have to visit my blog more often to find out what it is. Love ya!!!!!


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