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Fuuck You All, Bolivia
About Me:
because, if you fight for me, i'll fight for you. Shaye, Rissa, Emma, Zach. You will always have a place in my heart.<3

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Apr 29 2010 5:05PM

nah, baybayy, i love you more.
& okay, i'll comment you.
i've just been busy, blahh.
Marissa. <3
Apr 23 2010 7:44PM

Shayla I Miss Youu! :'/
I Still Love You Alot,
We Needa Talk.<3

Love You Dear;
Apr 2 2010 10:12PM

yes dear?
Mar 30 2010 2:17PM

Shayla, we need to talk on myspace.
i miss you so fuccking much.
im so happy you found a guy in your life.
i love you, beautiful ;D
Marissa. <3
Mar 21 2010 2:19PM


At least we got yahoo with us.
I'll miss you forever & always Shayla.
I will never forget you eitherr.
I promise you that. <33
Marissa. <3
Mar 20 2010 9:06PM

Heck yess my love! <3
Shayla, you cannot leave this site.. :/
Come back dearr!
Marissa. <3
Mar 20 2010 12:18AM

Man Shayla, you wish!
Just admit it!
Marissa. <3
Mar 18 2010 10:22PM

Biitch puh-leasee! >.<
Yours will barely even get through your pants!

Oh yeah, I forgot...
Mine's way too long it'll go up your throatt!
Oops? ;D
I guess you missed the fun time.. :/
Marissa. <3
Mar 18 2010 6:21PM

Mine's longerr hoee!
It's 21 feet.
It's like wayy blackerr than yours, which is nothing comepred to minee!
Mine's like "wow."
& You won't stop staring at it!
Wanna see it hoe? ;o
I can prove it!
Mar 18 2010 6:13PM

you should teach me how to be a ninja [:
using your diick :] no, that'd be gross.
but, haha.
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