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Mar 4 2011 8:59AM
Can someone give me a good war game you can download besides Combat Arms cause that thing destroyed my brothers computer, probably because it was ****. I didn't even know how to uninstall the thing so I was stuck with it
Mar 4 2011 8:56AM
Agh, Our laptop used to randomly shut off so my brother just had to go back to factory settings which goes back when we just brought the thing, and all my downloads on there are gone. Now all I can do is go on Facebook and Mostfungames. But on facebook I don't get so much messages and no one is on chat, and i'm starting to get sick and tired of just staying on here. I'm supposed to get 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand soon, it's only like 20.00 so I hope I can get the game and stop staying on here (Laptops are the only thing that entertains me after I can't do ****.)
Mar 4 2011 8:38AM
New drummer!
In our band I had a littel change of position so now i'm the Second Guitarist in the band, plus, we got a new drummer now, he's a friend of mine, Jaymee.
Mar 3 2011 8:39PM
Sick 2
Im feeling a little better, I have been sick over the past few days but since my dad is away and my grandfathers away, I got to go anyways cause my mom has to go to work and my brother goes to school too.
Mar 3 2011 8:23PM
Im gonna be offline, I just vomited and now I dont feel good (pizza)
Mar 3 2011 5:56PM
Mar 2 2011 6:52PM
My name is Viviann. My parents are out on their anniversary so that means that I'm home alone. Usually when my parents are out then my friends would text me and we would gossip about random things for hours until my parents come home. But, today for some reason no one is calling or texting me. So, I went on the internet.

A few minutes after I logged into MSN, someone sent me a message and that person was not one my contact list. Stupid enough, I decided to talk to him/her.

Anonymous says: Hi
I said: Hi, who are you?
Anonymous says: I can help you

I was lost...

I said: How? Why would I need help?
Anonymous says: Is your name Viviann Taylors?

I was shocked. How did this person know my name? Maybe he or she just went on my profile?

I said: Who..are you???
Anonymous says: You don't have to know. I can help you. Just listen to me.

I stared at my laptop for a while. What the heck is this person talking about I thought

I said: Um...ok????? I will
Anonymous says: Ok, You're home alone right?

I said: uh..yeh...
Anonymous says: GET OUT NOW!!!!!!
I said: Who are you to tell me to get out of my house????!!!!!

I was getting annoyed and wanted to turn off my laptop.

Anonymous says: I told you. I can help you. Now get out before it's too late!

I said: NO! It's my house! Is this some kind of prank?!

Then there was an awkward two minute pause. And just before I was about to log off I said:
Tell me! How can you help me?!

Anonymous says: I can't help you anymore.
I said: What?!
Anonymous says: Good bye. R.I.P

And everything turned black as I collapsed to the ground.

NEWS: A 15 year old girl was found dead while her parents were out. There was no evidence of murder at the scene but her laptop with her MSN chatroom still on displayed an offline message: "Only if you had listened to me. Because... I could've saved you.
Mar 2 2011 5:40PM
Call me crazy cause i'm 10, but I really want 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand.
Mar 2 2011 5:23PM
Mah finga, is on dha button! xD.

It's a song from King Of Buttons, to let you know...
Mar 2 2011 5:20PM
Say this slowly. Jesus. I. love. you. and. I. need. you.
Repost this within 5 minutes and title it: "SEE IF YOUR MIDDLE NAME IS ON THE LIST"
A miracle will happen tonight. P.S.Please Do not ignore ...God works in mysterious ways


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Jan 8 2011 6:52PM

yo dude
Jan 5 2011 5:15PM

hi(: long time no talk! i think its great that u wanna b a fireman cuz my BEST friend in the entire world died in a fire 2 years ago:'(
Jan 1 2011 1:22PM

heyy dude
Nov 15 2010 8:18PM

lol yup lol
Nov 15 2010 8:09PM

o lol
Nov 15 2010 8:03PM

lol thts cuz everyone who doesnt comment on her sux!! lol jk ur AWESOME!!!!
Nov 15 2010 7:47PM


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