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don't need to know, United States
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Florida rules

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Sep 26 2009 3:15PM
Iphone or blackberry storm
What side are you guys or girls on. I am on iPhone.
Sep 6 2009 6:00PM
PS3 or Xbox 360
From your opinion which is better Xbox 360 or PS3. I own a 360, Which side are you on?
Sep 6 2009 10:43AM
Rock band vs guitar hero
From your opinion which is better rock band or guitar hero. I technically own rock band drum set. What side are you on? Copy and paste
Sep 6 2009 10:40AM
Madden 10
I got madden 10's awesome and so realistic
Jan 9 2009 7:29AM
The Florida Gators are the national champions they beat the Oklahoma Sooner 24-14 yes
Nov 3 2008 6:31PM
Did u know? B4 u go to sleep at night there is 1 person of the opposite sex thinking of u.They want to kiss u, They want to be with u they are always thinking about u b4 they go to sleep at night. in a month they will ask u out or? grab u and kiss u.Post this in the next 200 seconds and you WILL have THE best day of your life THIS SATURDAY.You're number one love Will either kiss you,ask you out,or call you,or text you,or better ...............?
Nov 3 2008 7:31AM
Proflie Views
Hi everyone welcome to my profile and hope you enjoy my profile and please please please I really wish I can have 1,000 profile views thanks if u view my profile. I'll send u a friend resquest if u said u view my profile.
Oct 11 2008 8:43AM
Hey my friends and homies out there I need 1,000 views on my page if you view my page and respond that you viewed my page I will send a friend resquest to you
Oct 10 2008 7:21PM
I can do
Quagmire's laugh
Oct 4 2008 5:38PM
Smack down changes
Hey WWE fans if you have comcast and don't know what channel is my network tv it is MY 33 on channel 3.


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Nov 3 2008 8:09AM

Thank you for the add and messages!!!!!
Oct 28 2008 10:57AM

Hi Peter Griffin45. Some cool games you got there.
Mar 9 2008 1:13PM

god DAMMIT I i could have gotten first
Mar 8 2008 2:39PM

your first comment comin at ya (comment back plz)

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