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Thee name be Caitlyn. Be sure to give me Christofer Drew [ He's mine, I claim him. ] &&. a purple cupcake on the twenty-fourth of May. I be Team Emmett/Jasper. Not Team Edward/Jacob. Ew. No way. &&. I ain't some girly-girl. Just sayin'.

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Jun 17 2010 10:40AM
My Fave Quotes.
Your mom! Ask me again and I'll say your dad! ~Me

Boo, you whore. ~Regina - Mean Girls

Don't have sex. Or you will get pregnant. AND DIE. Don't have sex in the military position, don't have sex standing up. Just don't have sex, promise? Okay, everyone take some rubbers. ~Health Teacher - Mean Girls

Lol yeah.. I'm a A fu.cking 'classy' one. And yes, you are a hoe, a fu.cking 'nasty' one. ~Me

"Did you see that ninja?"
"What ninja?"
"Exactly." ~Paige and I

Duct tape can fix anything. Too bad for you it can't fix stupid. ~Me
Jun 8 2010 2:31PM
Like We Used To~
ι coυld ғeel нer вreaтн aѕ ѕнe'ѕ ѕleepιng neхт тo мe, ѕнarιng pιllowѕ and cold ғeeт. ѕнe can ғeel мy нearт; ғell aѕleep тo ιтѕ вeaт υnder вlanĸeтѕ and warм ѕнeeтѕ. ιғ only ι coυld вe ιn тнaт вed agaιn. ιғ only ιт were мe ιnѕтead oғ нιм. doeѕ нe waтcн yoυr ғavorιтe мovιeѕ? doeѕ нe нold yoυ wнen yoυ cry? doeѕ нe leт yoυ тell нιм all yoυr ғavorιтe parтѕ? wнen yoυ've ѕeen ιт a мιllιon тιмeѕ. doeѕ нe ѕιng тo all yoυr мυѕιc? wнιle yoυ dance тo pυrple raιn. doeѕ нe do all тнeѕe тнιngs? lιĸe ι υѕed тo?

-A Rocket To The Moon
Apr 10 2010 3:11PM
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Jun 17 2010 7:56PM

Pffft b****ezz I'm Ovahh Here!!
Stupid Peeplezz. Ugh. ._.
Jun 10 2010 11:43AM

TAXIDERMY OR HOWEVER YOU SPELL IT? *puts a spoon to your head* That's right I'm gonna kill you with a spoon. :P
marina me
Jan 22 2010 9:29PM

alalallalalalalal ur 15?!?!?!?!
marina me
Jan 22 2010 1:56AM

mueheh hehehe hhehe heheh hehehh
marina me
Jan 19 2010 7:37PM

lol ima check if now iits still there
marina me
Jan 19 2010 7:37PM

lol :O i mean :O lol lolololol
marina me
Jan 18 2010 11:19PM

marina me
Jan 18 2010 8:17PM

XP lol we wont need to buy a custome on halloween :P
marina me
Jan 17 2010 8:28PM

wow were creepy lol
marina me
Jan 14 2010 10:58PM

muehehehehe he
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