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Well, the reason im here is to play some games and chill. No easy feat with some of the stupid comments i see on some games

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Jul 16 2010 5:03PM
Calling your comment is ****ing stupid
People do this on every single game on the site. People always call "first comment! :-)" as if it makes them feel as though they've accomplished something. Well oh my ****ing god, you had the first comment on an online game. You should get a medal. And when ever someone has the ****ing sense not to do that, what happens? Someone says "first comment because you didnt call it". That makes NO ****ING SENSE at all (what, so that persons comment doesn't exist because they didn't say it was the first?)
Sep 19 2009 7:57PM
Jeez these people are pathetic
It seems like 95% of the people here are wannabe gangsters or wannabe porn stars. People post porn pictures then pretend like its pictures of them, People attempt to talk like dis yo and fail miserably at it. Firstly, gangstas are a bunch of pussies in the first place, second, if a gangsta actually did come online, he wouldn't actually type the way he talks. And the saddest part? Most people who do it wouldn't have to balls to do it in real life.


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