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*I am 5'10" tall. i play basketball, and tennis! I am really out-going, fun to be around, and just like to have a good time! but i hate drama!!

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Apr 29 2012 10:25PM
Babe Im so sorry
Hey baby I got onto your profile again. And I just want to tell you I was a complete douche bag to you, you are and were such an amazing person to me! You should have never been put through all the hurt I put you through! I know it will take a hell of a long time for you to trust me like you did before! But when I did what I did it made me relize that you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with, start a family with, and just do everything with! You are now my one and only! I promise you with my life nothing will EVER come between us again! Baby I just to thank you for taking me back! I promise you that you will not forget it! I love you to infinty and beyond!!!
Apr 29 2012 10:12PM
Hey you lets talk? ;)
Apr 3 2012 10:19PM
Hey (:
Anyone wanna talk?
Feb 17 2012 11:24PM
Hey!! :D
Hey everyone Im back! To a much needed break from everything! Message me!! <3
Nov 24 2011 12:29AM
Who wants to talk.?
Nov 24 2011 12:19AM
All I have to say about today, was that it was amazing.! I have the best boyfriend a girl could ask for.! Went up the mountains just the two of us went sledding, then made, snow angels, had a snow fight, and had a picnic in the back of the truck.! (he planned all of this). Then while we were having what i call our red neck picnic, he pulls out this amazing 20carat neckalce with both of our intials on it.! It was so beatiful.! Then came back to town got ready for the bonfire, and had an awesome time. I never thought i would ever find a guy like this, but i did and i feel like the luckest girl in the world.! NO one could ever come between us!!
Nov 23 2011 12:47PM
hey every one
any one wanna talk
Nov 23 2011 12:39PM
Hey boo.<3(:
Hey boo I hacked your profile, Lol.! Your the best thing that ever happened to me. No matter what or how hard the sitution is your always there for me.!! We have been through hell and back.! But we stuck together through it all.! And im pretty sure it made us even closer!! Boo no girl has every made me feel the way you make me feel! You have have all my heart, until we have a little girl.!(; Boo i know im getting ahead of myself, and our future. But i know i wanna spend the rest of my life with you, and no one else (besides our family).! God really did give me you! I think thats why that is our song. Boo NOBODY will every make me feel the way you feel.! Cant wait till tomorrow for your surprise.! And i hoope you like this mornings 3dozen roses.!<3 You know i am a hopeless romantic.! But boo I LOVE YOU.!<3 Well just wanted to tell you all of this.!
Nov 23 2011 12:30PM
I Love you Babe!!:)
Awe my babe made me a pre thanksgiving breakfast, Lol.!<3 And he said tomorrow he has a huge surprise for me.! Gosh i love him so much, i dont know where i would be without him.! He is my other half.!!<3(:
Oct 11 2011 9:00PM
Anyone wanna talk.?


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Jul 5 2011 10:35AM

showing love hope u like it and remember i like u just the way u are okay :) love u friend
Jul 2 2011 4:21PM

Just showiing your page some love!
I love talking to yout oo!

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