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......THING'S YOU NEED TO NO...... my name is kate or katie me and my friends all look like clones we must be emo jk every one search http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2CigZ_1keA for that song go go go go

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Mar 24 2008 8:19PM
shower soap
sudses sudses why are there sudses i mean really why they get in your eyes
makes me want to die i call 555 idk im so bored !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 24 2008 8:18PM
+_+ FellingS
Ok all i feel so depress i m e m o i know but e m o is really short for emotional but oh well

cause i m e m o and punk people think i m weird but oh well good dam well i got to go take a shower

every one be safe so love yall
Dec 22 2007 6:06PM
green day
bille joe Armstrong was born February 17, 1972

hes birth was at Oakland, California, USA

hes high is 5' 7''

hes father Andy Armstrong (a jazz musician, truck driver; died of cancer when Armstrong was ten)

hes mother Ollie Jackson (a waitress)

his son Jakob Danger (born September 12, 1998), Joseph Marciano (born March 1995)


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Jan 12 2008 12:02PM

green day is june 26 mark it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
G-Unit Solider
Dec 24 2007 10:27PM

sup leaveing you your first comment showing some love to your page

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