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Dec 25 2013 11:29PM
I'm incapable of being loved...
Dec 21 2013 9:02PM
My aunts cat just tipped over our Christmas tree....LMFAO! :P
Dec 21 2013 8:44PM
I'd want me hands to go to a musician :)
My legs to a ballerina :)
My lungs to a singer :)
My brain to a scientist :)
Everything to go somewhere I know would be a huge use < 3
Dec 21 2013 8:40PM
This book is making me very curious.
Would it be better to die, or be unwound?
Hmmm...... :)
Dec 18 2013 4:29PM
I wish Dan was on..
I want to talk to him so bad.
He can make me smile and happier no matter what I go through :)
He. Is. Perfect <3
Dec 18 2013 3:31PM
Why am I so unlovable?.....
Dec 15 2013 9:02PM
Who needs anyone in their life when you have a razor to let out the pain and a drink to wash away the memmmmorie :)
Bottoms up bit.chessss ;)
Dec 15 2013 6:48PM
Stonger <3
I'm sorry if I say I need ya!
But I don't care, I'm not scared of love.
Cause' when I'm not with you, I'm weaker.
Is that so wrong?
Is it so wrong?
That you make me strong <3
Dec 15 2013 6:42PM
What did I do?
Why are you avoiding me?
All I ever did was love you...I still do.
Please don't be distant..
You're killing me slowly and painfully...
Dec 15 2013 6:32PM
This guy loves American Horror Story...
He is perfection. :)


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Dec 27 2013 9:31PM

Hey sexy ;)
Dec 8 2013 5:50PM

hey kenny, the last comment you put on here was my bday :p lol
Dec 8 2013 5:43PM

you ish a smexy bish, i got cho back beautiful. through anyting
Jul 14 2013 2:56PM

Im always here for yu.
Dec 25 2012 8:42PM

I miss u too! :(
Oct 5 2012 8:57PM

U need to get online more!
Oct 4 2012 10:42PM

Yes u are, ur good at giving ppl advice n stuff lol c:
Sep 23 2012 8:01AM

If anyone needs advice, u should ask Natalie :p
Sep 16 2012 8:17PM

This chick is vicious lol ^-^
Jan 2 2011 11:34AM

hey next time yer on message me
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