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Jul 26 2010 8:49PM
The Death Of "Chowder"?
Cartoon Network's "Chowder" Is an Animated childrens Television Cartoon starring a chubby 7 year old child named Chowder.(supposed as a Bear,Cat,Bunny thing)

The show has a good run. But the show is planned to end on August 7th 2010,a day before the anime "Hamtaro: Little Hamsters Big Adventures" is supposed to come back to american television. Rumors has it that "Adventure Time with Finn and Jake" Is pushing "Chowder" off the air. Is it "Adventure Time"'s fault for the end or "Hamtaro"? The Answer remains unknown but the special 30-Minute long final episode is planned to be about Chowder as an Adult,as the title of the final episode is "Chowder Grows Up"

Out of my best opinion,I watched Chowder ever since it came out in 2007. I would be honest and say Chowder had a good run to begin with...What about you?
Jul 23 2010 12:23AM
New Pic!
I made a new Mii Pic! It has better quality and better pixels...I'll keep the old pic and maybe post it up on another blog for everyone to see :3
Apr 14 2010 10:08AM
Hi there!
I'm Starting my own blog now! Happy me! ^w^


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