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Yeah, somewhere out there :T, United States
About Me:
Sup bros. My name is Elijah (So you dont hafta ask lol) I'm 16 11th grader and yeahhh. Message me if ya wanna know moarr

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Jul 6 2012 12:43PM
Bless Your Face (7-6-2012)
I'm not a big fan of Black Veil Brides, but damn do they make good music o.e
Jun 26 2012 1:13AM
I need your help guys! (6-25-12)
I'm looking fr songs to put into my iPod
Anybody know any good songs by Asking Alexandria or any other metal band?

Jun 22 2012 9:24PM
Mah phone is working again! Yusss!!!
Jun 22 2012 6:07PM
I slept like a baby x] (6-22-12)
I should probaby see if my friend Dinosaur wants to do anything today.
I haven't seen him in a while.
Especially when he moved somewhere else in town ><
Eh, I dunno
I'm bored

Jun 22 2012 3:57AM
Wahh! D;
Someone should like, message me.
Because I'm bored :c
I hate being bored
Jun 21 2012 2:14PM
My friends always complain that my music is too loud.
I always complain that their faces are too loud T:<
Jun 21 2012 10:38AM
lkjasd;jsdf (6-21-12)
Just so you guys know, mah phone doesnt work anymore ><
I'm gonna sign in this website on the computer for now.
So hit me up guys!
Apr 20 2012 7:27PM
Danger Line
"I never meant to leave this world alone.
I never meant to hurt the ones who cared.

And all this time I thought we'd just grow old,
You know, No one said it's fair.

Tell my baby girl that it's alright.
I've sung my last song today.

Remind the Lord to leave his light on, For me.

I'm Free ..."
Apr 20 2012 6:18PM
Awh Yeah (4-20-12)
Sitting on mah chair,
Drinking some iced tea,
Listening to Avenged Sevenfold,
Texting my buds,
Just relaxing.

Just one of those days where nothing else matters <3

Mar 22 2012 4:06PM
Meow! (3-22-12)
Omg, It's been a while since I posted a blog xD
I've been using my phone for this sire, and the site doesnt let me see comments or post blogs u.u

Nice tie you have there. Sir!!

I've been bored outta mah but lately, and mah butt doesnt like being bored ><
So Yeah :P
Avenged Sevenfold kicks ass, by the way ;)



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Me :)
Dec 24 2012 2:29PM

get on more! i miss you buddy x.x
Dec 9 2012 10:00PM

I miss you :c I try and text you u.u I guess your phone is shut off...:c
Jun 26 2012 1:03AM

I think someones falling! And hard! ><
Jun 25 2012 1:08PM

hey der i miss u
Jun 21 2012 1:56PM

Imma cry if i dont talk to you soon v.v i miss you
May 22 2012 10:23PM

Guess whos the sweetest most amazing person at making my day ever
Yep you guessed it c: its you!
I love you so much cx <333
May 22 2012 9:05PM

HUNNY!!!!!!! lol i freakens love u :D
May 17 2012 9:54PM

no he mines! lol i love u ^-^
May 16 2012 7:00PM

Hello there sir :] oh hve i told you i loved you lately D: i hvent! Well i love you(: <33333
May 8 2012 9:33PM

i love u and i miss u :D sooooo much
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