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Sep 24 2010 9:29PM
you are the very definition of the word mistake.
One of my biggest fears is change, and I don't handle it well.
A huge challenge for me now, will be learning how to let go, and I'm slowly starting to realize that.
I want to see the world.
I think I'm getting too big for the way I have been going about my life.
Time for me to get my stuff together because I want to go off, and start my life over, but I'm afraid it won't work out for me.
I've learned how to make myself happy over the years.
It's nice to know I don't always need someone when something's wrong.
I can take pain.
I can protect myself.
In the past year I have dealt with losing and gaining people.
Even when it was hard, or easy, I wouldn't change a second of it.
I think I have gotten tough over the past few years, and I'm happy.
I am not a closed book.
I speak my mind… most of the time, and I feel comfortable telling anyone how I feel.
I hate liars more than anything, I have trust issues, and if you lie to me, I'll second guess everything you say to me the entire time I know you.
I have my own ideas of what's good for me, and I know for a fact that people around me don't agree with them.
I have my own stresses in life, just like everyone else.
That is what motivates me to be as accepting of others as possible, but that doesn't mean I'll let you in.
I might need to learn to be a little less cold-hearted about certain things.
I think I come off differently than I actually am.
Everyone will have their idea of me, whether it is good or bad, and everyone is entitled to their opinions.
The truth is, I don't want a lot of you to know me, and I don't think you ever will.
I can tell you things about me, I don't keep many things hidden, but that doesn't mean you will ever fully understand my personality.
I'm Annie, and that's all I will ever be. <3


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Sep 25 2010 10:46PM

I just met you too but you sseeeem pretty freakin awesome! (:

Chelsea, (:
Sep 25 2010 10:01PM

Hey Its The Amazing Aiden tehehe
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