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'murica, United States
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i'm funny, kind, and attracted 2 women, any guy sending me a creepy message will b blocked

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May 29 2019 12:34AM
If you see this
To any old friends of mine who see this things aren't so well for me right now. If you want to get back in touch ask me for my number and I'll explain.
Jun 13 2017 7:33PM
reaching out
hey Kiku san, It has been a few years since you cut your ties with me. I still remember when you told me that you didn't want friends online like me. I know you're very introverted and I know we went through some good times and some bad times but i've checked out your Tumblr here and there wondering if you were ok. you may never consider me your friend anymore but I want you to know that since that day those years back that I have never stopped worrying about you. that i've never stopped caring about you. that i've never stopped wishing you the best. I keep holding on to your memory. I hold out hoping that one day you'll realize how good of a friend I am. you still get on here every now and then. I hope you read this. I hope you know that I want to be there for you again. I want to do all the things good friends do. you still come here sometimes and I wish that you read this, that you welcome me again. everything happens for a reason. If you read this blog I hope you will know that i'm there for you no matter what. being my friend again would make me very happy. This is why I'm reaching out to you Jei. know that I will keep trying. I will never give up on you even if you were to stop believing in yourself. please Jei... take my hand let me be your friend...one...more...time...
Nov 24 2016 12:59AM
just feel like I'm going nowhere and that several people and hobbies i loved are just gone from me.
Sep 12 2016 1:02AM
next month's plans
next month me and some friends are gonna marathon thru the walking dead, i'm gonna get dragon ball xenoverse 2 and my friend christopher will get his specialedition xbox one with gears of war 4. fun month no doubt.
Jun 2 2016 7:42PM
my friend Hayley
so my friend hayley's boyfriend is a raging psychopath. he got angry about dropping a 40 and it shattered so he bursts through the door (breaking the doorknob in the process) and cut up his hand when he hit something in their bedroom. if either of their two little kids (the oldest is 2 and a half) had been crawling around that door he would have critically injured them or worse. if he takes his rage out by hitting her or either of those kids i don't know what i'll do.
May 12 2016 10:46PM
I think I am dieing
it feels like my stomach is rupturing, i'm gonna do everything i can with doctors to figure this out. if I pass away I want my friends to know that I love them
Apr 1 2016 5:10PM

Jan 23 2016 6:18PM
undertale question
what is your favorite boss theme and why? my top 3 are bonetrousle, megalovania and hopes and dreams (Papyrus, Sans, Asriel)
Jan 17 2016 7:50PM
famous quotes

Dec 31 2015 9:41PM
lolz, i'm suooper drunk... hapy new year every buddy


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May 17 2015 3:37PM

happy bday babe
Sep 10 2014 10:41PM

i miss you, man.
Aug 19 2014 5:17AM

I'll just send you a message, lol.
Aug 16 2014 8:53PM

Thanks, buddy..it's just rough..
Jul 21 2014 11:28PM

Jul 21 2014 12:14AM

I haven't noticed lol.
Jul 6 2014 12:32AM

From WHAT game exactly lol?
Jul 4 2014 8:16PM

Jun 25 2014 11:25PM

Hey baby I love you sexy baby I miss you more
Jun 21 2014 1:33AM

Yes. C:
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