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Jun 23 2011 12:15AM
My beautiful poem.<3
There once was a one dolla hoe named Moe,
every night she would holla at an innocent man and would ask to give him a sho,
why of course the man said yes
even tho he knew he got himself into a mes
the slut needed the money to pay rent and he knew what this ment
with moans here and groans there
the hoe got what she wanted and so did Poe
a surprise came along with this stupid whore
herpies,aids,std's, and alot more
a year later this man was already dead at age twenty four):

so boys and girls i hope this taught you a lesson to spend your dollar wisely (;
Jun 21 2011 2:53PM
Stop, Drop, and Read.
Hello I am Nason.
I thank myself for being the fastest swimming white-tadpole-looking-thingy 17 years ago!
Skateboarding and music are my thing and if you don't even like one of these then i'm sorry to say that there is something wrong wif you.
Enough of the boring stuff! Let's talk about what you actually truly care about and why you came here in the first place.
I'm single, I don't like doing the chasing because I always fail epicly, so i'd rather be chased.
I try to just go with the flow because I know that everything has it's purpose of why it happens.
Truth is..I have no idea what im talking about and some of this probally doesn't even make sense but
WHO CARES...not me.
One thing I never really understood is how I can be a poser when I don't think of what im going to say or do I just say and do straight up.
Also, I get really confused when people use letters to represent words like "wtf" is pretty obvious (it means what the
.... well you know.) But I would probaly have to shoot myself if you said this to me "sthugsachokphftds".
I LOVE YOU because you gave me no reason not to and haters....GO KILL YOURSELF bahaha!!! JK I LOVE YOU too<3
P.s I'll add more to this in the future.
P.s.s This took me two days to fix so it could be posted so it would be great if you APPRECIATE IT BEOTCH!(:
Jun 20 2011 11:09PM
eff youuu mostfungames.com u can suck and choke on my ****!
so i just wrote a really long about me and when i was done it said some sh** like it had to be modified!?


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Jun 23 2011 7:18PM

auto-correct is just so... so.. wow. o.e
Jun 23 2011 5:13PM

noodle! o;
Jun 22 2011 12:56AM

no one else thought of that one
Jun 21 2011 3:45PM

Damn Nason you have more comments than me!
I have... none :(
And I own you, nobody else can!
Jun 21 2011 1:55PM

Now! This is my last and final freaking time writting this! >:[
Hi There! :D I just wanted to leave a comment. Theres nothing better than leaving a comment.
Booga Wooga Boo Boo! Whaa? Idk. :]
3:O Moooo! :B <--Big teef c:
You wish you had teef like me!
Awkward silence...
Bye! :D
Jun 21 2011 10:22AM

i get to own the whole entire page=>
Jun 21 2011 12:41AM

Fo sho. xD
Jun 20 2011 11:31PM

Ikr :3 and shanks :] yes i said shanks..
i want a pet clown maan.
Jun 20 2011 9:45PM

it's fine XD lol
Jun 20 2011 9:45PM

Sorry Rose, I didn't see that you commented first.
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