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Oct 18 2009 6:51PM
Interactive Buddy Tricks
I created some tricks for interactive buddy. Here they are.
The Wedgie and the Uppercut: (Do these with open ceiling) If you want to do a wedgie, go under "hand" in the
"Items" menu and click "fist". Go near the buddy's legs and drag him there until you reach the corner, put the fist between his legs. Right click and go outside the game screen (Straight up) , click and go back into the game screen. He should be pulled upwards. And it is almost the same with the uppercut, but there is 2 ways of doing it, the first is that you start like the wedgie, but you drag his head to the wall. The second way is that you right click and click on the buddy's neck, right click, click and up up up!
Floating bombs: First, buy a gravity shifter and put it on the screen. Then put mines around the buddy, the should float and they shouldn't move. Then use a gun or stun gun and strike one of the bombs, all the bombs should blow up in a tremendous explosion! (Buy Realistic Pyrotechnics to have a great effect);)
Powerful hose: Use the fire hose, put it under the buddy and click. The fire hose is very strong! And you can do the same across. The buddy should curl up in a ball!
Coast to Coast: Use the fist and go to the side of the buddy and punch him to the wall and do the same again and again and again!(This trick and the next is more neat with blood and gore)
Attacking infants: (This trick is best with blood and gore) Put 2 infants on the sides of the buddy. Then, put the Gravity Shifter In the middle of the screen and watch the infants literally rip apart the buddy!You can also use the Strong God power that moves everything towards it , The blood should be pouring out of him like a fountain! And, for fun, how about adding more infants? And you can use any object to rip apart the buddy!:O
I hope these tricks amuse you, good Bye

,Mydadsteve 8)


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Jul 4 2010 2:42PM

im yo first comment :`(

im sorry i just feel so happy:`)

im soo cool:D

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