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N HIZ HEART, Costa Rica
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~*D@ 1 BE!N T@K3N B! H!M*~ {3-14-09}

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stickman sam
Nov 6 2010 2:06PM

I haven't spoke to you in a while. I miss that.
Jul 15 2009 3:52PM

idk were he been at but he say hi to yu
Jun 18 2009 4:43PM

yo wat up bay showin luv to ya
Jun 18 2009 4:01PM

i been goin to work and alot of things
Jun 16 2009 3:08PM

ooooooooooooo srrry i havent been on i been sooo busy
well how yu been
Jun 3 2009 8:43AM

Lay ya body down
And let me touch ya body
And ya know it's goin' down
Cause ain't nobody here to stop me
And I know ya heard about my freaky reputation
But don't down listen to the crowd
cause you know how they be hatin' on me (oooo):
I know it's been a minute since I spent some time wit you
But what I wanna do is hear you scream out: ooh we ooh
No need to rush it Mama make everything suitable
Gotta let you know this proposition non-refusable
We gonna play this song right here,
so you better get ya body in gear
Get comfortable and have no fear
Cause you know it's goin' down in here so...
I know you heard about Tameka and Theresa who?
Stephanie, Candy, Talisha, Jasmine, and Leslie, too
Why don't you tell my love what that got to do with you?
You seem uncertain Ma so why don't I give you a boost?
I'll kiss you where the sun don't shine
After that Mami then you'll do mine
Turn over let me see it from behind
You'll call the coroner after this crime so...Pretty Willie:
Yeah, this ya boy, Young Pretty,
yo fellas this right here for my ladies so,
watch yo' girl dawg, ooh we ooh...
Can't nobody do like I do
can't nobody do it like I do
And no matter what you thinkin' I'ma be wit you Baby
Sing Chorus til fade
May 30 2009 6:22PM

im glad to luv ya to
May 15 2009 4:49PM

lol wat up babii i miss ya
May 14 2009 7:28PM

ßåßi åç£ AñD Aåliÿåh 4 £vå
+*�^�*+` ßåßi 墣`+*�^�*+
Apr 28 2009 12:16AM

so cwAT new with
yu i havent talk to
in like weeks lolzz
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